Wireless headset dongle repackaging

There’s a great thread around building dongle-hiders for keyboards and mice here: Dongle Hider - #53 by Moe_Wigs

Wireless headsets tend to have larger dongles though. Has anyone found one that could plausibly be repackaged into an Expansion Card?

I picked up a SteelSeries Arctis 7 headset to try this with, but unfortunately there are components and a PCB antenna extending past the width of an Expansion Card:


Based on these photos, the Audeze Maxwell dongle would work, but would need a card that is ~7mm longer: https://fccid.io/2APRZ-MAXWELL/Internal-Photos/Internal-Photos-6262243

Could you unsolder the USB port and reattach it with thin wires while positioning the board rotated 90°? Then it would probably fit, with maybe a few millimeters oversize in length.

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I did think about that, and it would probably fit diagonally, but I want to ideally find one that is simple for any member of the community to put together without a soldering iron.


Maybe the Razer Barracuda Pro 2022 usb-c dongle…but that will need to turn 90 degrees.

…but at the same time, I’m against it…because I have the Maxwell. Please make it for the Maxwell. :sweat_smile:

Corsair’s HS70 Pro dongle might work. I’ll take some measurements in about a week when I’m back in the states.

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Just the other day, I was looking at my SteelSeries Arctis 7 dongle wondering if it would fit inside an expansion card. So close!

Ones that would fit are very few and far between, I looked very deep into it and found 2 Logitech, 1 Razer, 1 Corsair (might fit), 1 Jabra, Dozens of Generic (might fit), and millions where the dongle is just a useless Bluetooth adapter