Wireless phone/mouse battery recharger pad

How about a wireless recharger pad using one or two input spacers? connecting a rolled copper wire seems relatively easy to make, you could recharge your smartphone battery and even a mouse with that technology, even though there still are few of those nowadays, there is also a chance for framework to make a mouse like that

I also considered this, but the power output of these modules isn’t the highest, from the github page

I’m also not sure if the induction magnetic field could do something nasty to nearby components on the motherboard


There is also only 3.7mm of height available if I recall, with only a small section of extra space for electronics. Qi charger circuity is not the most compact. I don’t think you could fit the coil, required coil backer plate, and the qi circuity. Maybe if you do a tiny coil only suitable for charging a smart watch. Though, I must admit, a qi watch charger would be kind of neat to see, even if the usefulness would be limited.

Good luck fitting this into such a small form factor.

You know actually, after a quick search, nevermind!

Still, due to the low current available to input modules, charging would be painfully slow. So still mostly just useful for charging a watch.

Not going to lie though, if I had a FW16 on preorder, I’d be working on the input module shell to hold a qi charger right now.

How about using the input module space but getting power from an Expansion Card slot? Plenty of juice to run Qi wireless charging there!