Your own Egpu,thunderbolt

So i know that the gpu you currently have is not that good so give us an option. Make an Egpu that is supported by your device. This will get you in to a whole new market. And us gamers will have an easier time with your product. I am so excited, but unfortunately i cannot purchase your device without a guarantee of a good graphics card. Pleaseee give us a choice where we can get a graphics card

Also, if you really cannot do this at the very least give us a thunderbolt port

Pleasee consider my request for better graphics card and thank you for reading my mess of a review

You’ve got 4 of them. Perhaps investigating the product you are commenting on would be beneficial. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


They can’t be advertised as such, since they’re not certified, but unofficially, all the ports are thunderbolt 4


There are already posts on this forum that have compatibility checks of various eGPU docks, so finding a compatible dock shouldn’t be to hard and you’ll be on your way to gaming

Also, even if they only advertise USB4-that has the same bandwidth and functions in the same way as Thunderbolt 3/4