Yubikey 5C adapter

Started as a rough idea, but seems it works.

I use Yubikey as a smartcard for many things and need it usually all the time. And of course the whole point is to remove it when it is not in use.

Suboptimal design of 5C Nano assumes I have to use fingernails or pliers every time I want to remove it. Thats why I got fullsize Yubikey. Usually it is plugged to the dock, but in true laptop mode it sticks out too much providing potential chance to break or break a laptop’s usb-c port.

My daily riders are usually macs and once I got a Framework (and USB-A ports) I got a dilemma - to spend another $50 on extra Yubikey 5A Nano (because it has a hole to attach keychain or other pulling device) or to design this.

It is still WIP, but I’m surprised I translated right OpenSCAD to OnShape almost right.
FrameWork, please post PDFs with dimensions of exterior of the cards. Specifically rails and latch. Please.

I would update this post with sources once I would be confident enough :slight_smile: But here is the STL who wants to replicate this – Yubikey 5C Framework Card.stl (3.9 MB)


This is pretty neat!

Framework has published reference designs for the expansion cards here: GitHub - FrameworkComputer/ExpansionCards: Reference designs and documentation to create Expansion Cards for the Framework Laptop

Hope this helps!

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Framework has published reference designs for the expansion cards here

Right. Without that info it would take to more than one iteration for sure. But I’m talking to more plain old stuff like they posted for the card itself ExpansionCards/Mechanical/Printable/2D/ExpansionCard_Printable_M2.pdf at main · FrameworkComputer/ExpansionCards · GitHub

Nothing like that exist for the enclosure.

how do you get access to the touch sensor on the yubikey since its hidden?

There is a dedicated hole for that (check pics). Of course you have to reach it underneath the laptop. But I’m absolutely fine with that.

@Ivan_Grynov did you use supports? if not, which direction should one print?

No supports needed. Lay it on a bed on a side that has rectangular yubikey cutout (the one that faces side of a laptop).

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Thanks for the inspiration here! I did similar but turns out you can just chop the back of the yubikey that sticks out off and it still works :grin: