ZorinOS installation

Im currently attempting to install ZorinOS on my framework laptop. I enter the boot manager and boot into my flash drive containing ZorinOS, and click the “try or install ZorinOS.” After that I’m met with a black screen and nothing comes after that. I used a virtual machine on here with ZorinOS and it seemed to work perfectly fine. What am I missing here? Thanks!

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It is probably a UEFI issue, so you will need to go into the BIOS and disable SecureBoot. Do that by repeated pressing F2 during power up and then disabling SecureBoot option.

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If that doesn’t work, you might try selecting the safe graphics mode.

The feedback from @Scratch on PopOS may be relevant: Framework and PopOS

@Manas_Mathur, cant help u, but I can tell u that Zorin16 is running on my Framework. Still trying to figure out how to connect Wi-Fi…

FYI today I installed Zorin 16 Pro. The live/test boot does not have wifi, but once you do the full install with updates, all was just fine. The fingerprint scanner worked partially, but that was better than I ever managed with the latest Ubuntu