Intel 6E AX210 vPro drivers

Hello all, this is my first post on Framework, and my day one attempts to get Zorin 16 Pro installed. After install my GUI came up, a little large on icons and text, but it works and I can change those settings.

The next prompt was to run Zorin Connect and that is where I found the first, and so far only full stop. I then attempted to launch a browser, and confirmed my initial issues. WiFi is not functioning after install. While I suspect this is an issue that has to be owned by Zorin, since Fedora wifi drivers worked flawlessly.

On the off chance that either Framework or one of its forward looking members might have a working FW & Zorin 16 system, and be able to reference the drivers, I decided to move this direction.

Thank you ahead of time for any feedback, even if it is to confirm that the ownership is in the Zorin camp.

As Zorin has traditionally been based on LTS Ubuntu releases, I wouldn’t be surprised if the issue occurs in Ubuntu 20.04 if you want to check there too.

Also, welcome to the Framework community!

For that Zorin install, is the ISO you’re using their most recent one?

I paid for and downloaded it today, so I’d assume so.