11th Gen BIOS 3.09 Beta release

I can report a successful upgrade from 3.07 to 3.09. I am on Slackware, the only hitch was that I had to re-install grub fully (from a live CD). I haven’t checked the battery drain or the BIOS menu options yet.

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Updating now from LVFS, but now it’s been stuck with the green bar full and fan on for over 30 minutes. How long is the update supposed to take?

I’m sure my Win 11 path of update took about 10 min max ??

Around 1h30m at this point. I’m considering forcibly restarting…

Edit: It did complete in the end. Boot entries are gone as others mentioned

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So all these BIOS update issues and workarounds for folks on Linux? :thinking:

Just checking before I update my Windows setup.

Not much of a work around, just had to reinstall GRUB to as the boot partition is written over. :slight_smile:

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to be clear, even on linux, “workarounds” and issues are only a thing on legacy setups.

using a typical installation with an efi partition and systemd-boot, fwupdmgr does its job and the BIOS upgrade, once done, takes you to a working machine without the need to do anything. no “reinstalling the bootloader” and no “reconfiguring kernel entries”. none of that.

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What I’m asking is…does the BIOS install just fine like on any other laptop running Windows?

Just double click the .exe and follow the prompts, job done.


I notice the bullet point about fixing battery drain in off state: does this also address the battery drain during suspend on Linux?

Can confirm zero issues following LVFS instructions on Fedora 36 with LUKS, going from 3.07 → 3.09. No fiddling needed; everything seems to be working perfectly. Secure Boot was off for me, in case that matters.

Update took maybe 15 minutes from changing the /etc config file to flashing the BIOS (this did feel slow, but definitely not 90 minutes slow like a user noted above!) to being logged back in. Never used LVFS before but I’m impressed!


Yes that was it. The fan got a bit busy but all is fine :slight_smile:


After the upgrade to BIOS 3.09 the fingerprint sensor is more stable and is working reliable. Ubuntu 22.04 lts

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Yep, all done! :grinning:

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I’ll echo most of this using Manjaro. After updating, I just had to change my Power Button LED Brightness Level in the BIOS down to my preference of low again. The experience for me did not feel slow, and was well under 15 minutes. Using LVFS was smoother and faster than using the EFI shell last time. Very cool.

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I cannot currently investigate this myself, but what is the new “boot from file” function? That isn’t effectively Ventoy’s “boot an ISO file” function, is it?

Speaking of which, I don’t suppose firmware updates could be made available in a plain-old ISO as well for use with Ventoy so as to eliminate the need for an empty USB flash drive?

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Nope. It is a menu that will let you boot any .efi file from an attached storage medium formatted with a filesystem understood by the firmware. It does not open ISO files.

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Updated with LVFS, took about 5 mins but it did remove my boot entries and I had to set the battery charge limit again, still it was an easy fix thanks to the guide! Can’t wait to leave my laptop for a week and still have more or less the same battery percentage :sweat_smile:

I honestly can’t imagine leaving my laptop for a week; that would be so sad.


Went from 3.0.3 => 3.0.9

Before updating: Could not go into the EFI fw settings (bios) by pressing the DEL button or open the boot menu (f12). The laptop just hung forever.
Had to select uefi settings from GRUB, enable quick boot, then f12 was accepted and fw could be flashed

After update was successful, (no issues) it rebooted and I was still not able to go into the EFI settings (bios), del/f2 buttons did nothing.
After 3-4 trys, I was able to go into boot menu, select grub, go select efi settings from grub, and reorder boot items

After booting to linux => restart f2 works and takes me to efi settings correctly

I think this is related to a BIOS setting “Boot performance mode”, my fans were not loud at all perhaps because I set this parameter to “Max Battery” rather than the default “Turbo Performance”
Can be seen below second image here