11th Gen Intel Core BIOS 3.19 release

If so, it would be really ridiculous. Not fixing regressions/bugs because they don’t affect stability/security? What?

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As positive as this sounds at first glance, I’ll take that with a pinch of salt (together with what seems to have been said by Matt) that it does not equate to commitment to fix WiFi 6E for 11th gen specifically. Resource to ‘investigate’ is just that, a ‘finding’ exercise. I can understand that one needs to investigate the effort to fix before committing to fix.

With Framework’s approach to communication, it’s not committed until committed (and rightfully so from a business and legal standpoint). Historical example: Coreboot…low priority, TB4 on 11th gen (never committed), RTC battery fix (not committed until committed…this is positive).


Honestly, I’m quite happy with that second response. Startups are hard, you’ll fail a lot, and the last thing you want to do is to promise something you may not be able to deliver.

I objected to the original response because fixing regressions is something Framework should see as their responsibility and is something I would take into consideration as I upgrade my laptop.

No one ever stated that this issue was not getting fixed because it doesn’t affect stability/security, stability and security just had to be prioritized higher for this release.

This BIOS release was delayed a lot by holdups upstream. Since all these security and stability fixes were also delayed by that, along with the lack of staffing for sustaining firmware updates that Nirav mentioned has been resolved, regression and bug fixes could not be implemented for this firmware release.

There are no signs that this is the last firmware release ever and that you’ll never get this fixed, just that it wasn’t a priority for this release. They are looking into it now so it can hopefully happen in a future firmware update.

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If we get anything between 7 (corporate laptops between 5-7) and 10 (server and workstations) years for BIOS upgrades, that would be perfect.


The response in the original thread sounds like it won’t get fixed:

Sounds like =/= actually won’t. Matt did say “I don’t see this being changed on 11th gen” but he is the linux support lead, not the firmware developer. Until I see a comment clearly stating this WILL NOT be fixed, my response still stands.

Sorry for correcting your statement. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Well… You corrected HALF of my statement. The full statement was:

Which Matt Hartley’s comment didn’t really have anything to do with.

That said, I should be more clear. No one on the team who would fix it has stated clearly that it is not getting fixed.

While Matt Hartley, the Linux Support Lead, made a comment that he doesn’t see it being changed on 11th gen because there are already 13th gen boards, that seems to be a comment that insinuates “if it’s a hardware issue it will not be getting fixed”. This makes sense because they are no longer manufacturing the 11th gen board. If it is a software/firmware issue, then I would not see a reason why they couldn’t get around to fixing it eventually. Because there is still work being done on the firmware, and Framework has not stated that it is a hardware issue, then until I see a comment directly from the firmware team, or a clear no from a Framework employee, then I would not assume that this issue will never get fixed.

Sorry if my statements seemed to conflict, but the point I’ve been trying to make is that it does not seem like Framework would just abandon this issue for no good reason. If they choose to not fix it, there is likely something big that is stopping them from doing so, but in all honesty I do not know enough about the issue to even say if it was 100% in the firmware or if there were other factors contributing to it.

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Need to do a check with the community - anyone that updated 11th Gen Intel Core BIOS 3.19 Beta Release to this seeing issues at all?

If so, please list them as follows:

  • Updating from which previous BIOS release? _______

  • How did the update go, any issues experienced? _________

  • Any bugs experienced (not feature requests, bugs)? _____________

  • Updating from which previous BIOS release? 3.17
  • How did the update go, any issues experienced? The BIOS and EC updated fine; no comments
  • Any bugs experienced (not feature requests, bugs)? No regressions so far (updated 3-4 days ago)

I would absolutely test this beta update, but (being a Linux-only user) I can’t until a UEFI shell update package is released.

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Updated from 3.17 I believe

Ran into issues with EFI getting mucked up, noted above - ventoy + live usb + reinstall refind + run update-grub and back to normal

No bugs experienced as far as I can tell.

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This reflects my own testing as well. I will be marking this as good to go unless someone finds something else that looks like a bug.


From: 3.17

Issues: nothing substantial, the update just wiped my EFI settings like it has for every update thus far. Quick tweaks and swap of the boot device order (I use GRUB, so wasn’t affected by the rEFInd issues) and I was good to go.

Bugs: nothing to report. 61Wh battery is working as advertised, I definitely feel the difference!

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And we’re out of Beta, this is now an official release - 11th Gen Intel Core BIOS 3.19 release:


BIOS guide still has to be updated to link to the new BIOS release.

Please update this post when it is released as usb image so that users who can’t update now find out about it.

Aside: I do think that releasing the BIOS for Windows only and declaring it stable is a little unfortunate. It sends the message (incorrectly, I assume) that other OSs don’t matter.

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This is not an official guide and we did not create it. So editing this guide isn’t going to happen.

The link to the official knowledgebase.frame.work article is however, correct.

Releasing it for Windows only was due to timing while we get the UEFI option ready and remain on schedule.

Once the UEFI option is ready, it will be added to the knowledgebase.frame.work article.


AFAICT you cannot get any notifications on the knowledgebase article. How can I opt-in to get notifications on when a new BIOS comes out?

It’s unfortunate that the LVFS checking for me is not possible this time. AFAIR Lenovo was shipping an CSME update via LVFS, so can you elaborate on why fwupd cannot update it? Is there a github issue I can follow so in the (distant?) future these updates can also be done using fwupd?

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