11th Gen Mainboard conversion to Cooler Master mini-PC with RTC Batt Substitute

If the RTC battery substitute is performed on a 11th Gen Mainboard will it still work in a Cooler Master mini-pc or does the RTC battery substitute require a laptop battery for the workaround to function appropriately?

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The RTC battery substitute requires a laptop battery. For standalone use, you will want to make sure there is an actual ML1220 RTC battery installed.


Thanks. That is sad considering it seems to be needing to be replaced every few months on 11th Gen Intel…

If your Mini-PC is consistently powered, you won’t have to worry about this.

I have had my laptop plugged in non-stop since the first time I replaced it. 9 months later had to replace the battery again. I’d imagine similar experience if converted to the mini-PC.