Where to buy replacement ML1220 CMOS/RTC Battery?

Edit from Framework
If you have an 11th Gen system or Mainboard, you can now reach out to support to request a free ML1220 RTC Battery or an RTC Battery Substitute module. To make the request process go smoothly, enter the email address that you ordered the 11th Gen product on and/or include photos of the system and Mainboard serial numbers.

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Like some others with the 11th Gen mainboard, I’ve had issues with my framework’s CMOS/RTC battery draining, forcing me to either plug in a charger or reset the mainboard to get it powered up. Since this issue started occurring for me, it has dramatically worsened over the course of the past month, occurring if I leave it unplugged for more than a few hours.

In another topic regarding this issue, a poster helpfully suggested that I should replace the CMOS battery. I think this makes sense, the health of the battery must be bad for the issue to occur so frequently. Here’s where I run into an issue: where exactly do I purchase a replacement CMOC/RTC battery?

The framework uses an ML1220 rechargeable battery on the mainboard. As far as I know, it is NOT compatible with any other battery (such as the more commonly available CR1220), it must be an ML1220. The battery my laptop came with is Maxell brand, but I’ve had trouble nailing down where to buy another one. Amazon has a listing, but it’s unavailable and doesn’t have proper product images. There’s another Amazon listing for an off-brand battery, for which I’m awaiting delivery, but so far this is the ONLY ML1220 I’ve found for purchase. Ebay has a few listings as well, but I’m hoping to buy a reputable brand battery new from a first party vendor.

I asked Framework support for a recommendation regarding a reputable vendor for the ML1220, here was their response:

Hi (BraneGenius),

At this time, we do not recommend a specific brand or model of ML1220 battery.

However, you can share your insight in our community forum by clicking this link​.

Let us know if you need anything else. Have a nice day!
Framework Support

Either they don’t know or perhaps they misread the question, so I’m taking their advice and going to the community. Has anybody else replaced this battery yet? Does anybody have a lead on where we should be buying these from? It’d be great if Framework could sell them in the marketplace. I just want to be able to use my laptop like normal again (until the next ML1220 goes bad :upside_down_face:).

EDIT: Should’ve mentioned I’m looking for a US based vendor, or at least one who will ship to the US.


a) where are you as in the UK I can find sources
b) have you checked the battery voltage
c) have you checked the contact, as if they are not bright with good friction and resistance with not only stop the battery charging well/fully but wil output a lower voltage etc.

@amoun D’oh, of course I forgot to mention location. I’m looking for something available in the USA. Thanks for the recommend, I’m sure somebody in the UK will find it useful.

I haven’t checked the battery voltage, but the battery mount and contacts on the mainboard look like they’re in good condition. The RTC battery does hold a charge for a few hours (i.e. less than 24), so it seems likely that the battery just needs to be replaced.

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I think this would be direct fit, yes no?

FDK ML1220 1220 Lithium 3V Rechargeable 2 Batteries with Cloth https://a.co/d/gEOh0l6

This would need physical modification to fit but here’s one from Digi-Key, a very reputable electronic parts seller. I used to fly their air freight out back in the day …



Yes via the first link it says unavailable the second as you note would need the tabs removed.

I would try Framework again and explain it is so difficult to find one.

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@D.H The first link is the same as the one I’m currently waiting for right now. I’ve never heard of this manufacturer, FDK, so I was hoping to find a Maxell or Panasonic brand battery. The digikey link is Panasonic brand, I may try that out. Much appreciated.

@amoun Maybe I’ll message them, but it seems fruitless. I thought support was pretty dismissive after their second email, in which they briefly and bluntly informed me I was out of warranty. The only advice they gave in the handful of emails after that was the above suggestion to go tell it on the forums. It seems to me they’re either disinterested in anything concerning the RTC battery, or are actively avoiding discussing it. It’s kind of a bummer.

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@BraneGenius Awesome, let us know what you end up with.

@nrp , please look into stocking official/OEM or better ML1220 in the Marketplace.

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After doing a little research, it appears that FDK is a US Member of Fujitsu


do you use the framework charger? I was not (was using a dock at work) and it caused my laptop to fall into this weird mode where it would charge the main battery if it needed it but would not charge the CMOS battery. Once I switched back to the framework charger everything was fine.

This post:

includes a list of distributors in various countries.

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For what it’s worth, I bought a cell from this exact listing about 4 months ago after my RTC battery started causing me trouble, and it’s been working great since. I still agree that it would be nice to have official replacements available considering how fast these cells seem to die.


Resurrecting this thread six months later - I happened upon that exact same Amazon listing independently, and installed my replacement battery a few minutes ago. My laptop is funcitoning, a pair of red LED’s started flashing as soon as I replaced the battery. The one on the right says ‘LED2’, and I don’t see a label for the one on the left. Is this something I should be concerned with?

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