128GB - using 64GB DDR4 3200?

I have access to some early release 64GB DDR4 RAM modules. The official max supported RAM is 64GB ( 2x32 ) If I install it, will the chipset recognize and be able to use all 128GB (2x64GB) of Hynix RAM?


The Tiger Lake processors only support up to 64GB total.


Thanks all for the quick answer!

I had a look at the specs of the Tiger Lake and Intel’s tech documentation was excellent at explaining the limit. 64GB is plenty on my framework DIY laptop and I’m glad to have that much memory when doing the work I do ( including compiling and cross-compiling whole linux distributions for ARM! )

At the moment, thank goodness, I’m not memory constrained or really even CPU constrainted. 4 cores, 8 threads is more than enough to get most of the work I do done easily and with about 2-4GB of RAM to spare running all 8 threads.

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Martin_Bogomolni Would you be able to sell one of theese ? i have a potential use in my laptop that has only one slot - without any soldered in. total addresable space for cpu is ofc 64gigs but physically i can install only 32 because of nonexistent 64g sodimms on market.

I still have a use for them in a different machine that takes SODIMM memory ( compact server – that CPU can use the same DDR4 RAM ) …

i understand, could you provide me an info how to obtain them ? or which producer is going to sell them in future (so i could track the market and buy when available)

Still not possible with 12th gen?

Intel’s 12th Gen processors…some do support 128GB RAM (desktop and mobile H). Mobile P…nope (Intel® Core™ i7-1280P Processor)