More than 64 gb of ram?

A family member of mine is looking for a computer like this but has high RAM usage, Is framework looking at selling motherboards with availability for 128 gb of ram?

The current limiting factor is the size of memory modules.

With 48 GB modules it is already possible to run 96 GB of ram in the Framework 13 (AMD edition) and 16, although Framework doesn’t currently sell 48 GB modules on their website (but you can select to bring your own memory and buy separate ram).

In fact the MRA5S560LKKD48GX2 (a 96 GB memory kit) is on the list of memory modules that Framework has officially tested for compatibility.

When 64 GB modules come out it will probably be possible to have 128 GB of ram.


Note that AMD does not officially support 48GB modules, so framework cant promise that it works. It seems to for now.


Alternatively, if you are looking for a Framework mainboard with 4 SODIMM slots, it is unlikely to happen anytime soon, as there is not really enough space on the mainboard.

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Thank you for the responses! I am glad for you guys taking the time out of your day to respond! ^v^

So you can get up to 96 gb of ram? :> what about for the 16 inch? :0 and thanks you for the resources!

16 inch is the sameish CPU, so same restrictions apply. 2 DIMM slots, 32GB per DIMM are officially supported, 48GB per slot are available and have been working for people.
More RAM need bigger DIMMs, which don’t currently exist.

Should be the same as with the Framework 13 AMD edition.

Framework shared in a tweet that it does seem to be working.