12th Gen CPU cooling

Not sure if it has been asked before.

I noticed that the 12th Gen processors boosts to 64W TDP and from my understanding of Alder Lake, it will continue to boost as long as the CPU is sufficiently cooled.

The heatsink + fan seems only be able to cool up to 60W.

Are there any power limits imposed in the BIOS or would it thermal throttle?

I’m pretty sure you’re talking about the Boosting behavior of 12th gen K skus? The heatsink and fan assembly can only handle 30W continuosly. It would definetly thermal throttle just like 11th gen.

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There are posts that refer to this issue

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That seems unfortunate. Maybe as Framework matures, we might see better 3rd party aftermarket coolers.

Maybe some kind of vapor chamber add on. Or a expansion card with an exhaust blower fan that can add 1-2 heatpipe(s) towards the CPU.

30W sustained is exceptional for this form factor. You will only see 60W+ sustained on gaming laptops, and still that is rare.


Yea, looking at other laptops, that’s about the best it can achieve for this size.

Probably be looking into how to limit TDP (hopefully via BIOS), else probably some tweaks in pstates/RAPL settings on Linux.

Maybe even something like, though not sure anyone tried it: