Temperature issues?

How in the world, is a 1.3kg laptop supposed to cool a 115W cpu, like what even is the point of putting something so powerfull, in a laptop so light? I understand that the base power is 20W (which will still get quite hot), but 115W?

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What are you talking about?

Which laptop, which version etc.

When a CPU is rated maybe for a max of 115W that would only be for a short time, so the heating wouldn’t be an issue. It’s just a peak not a general running load.

And the weight is irrelevant. You could say a lighter laptop would allow the heat to escape whereas a solid 3Kg may keep the heat in.

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The new framework 13 with intel core ultra 125h/155h, 115W seems like a lot of heat, i was talking about the weight, because the higher it is, the more heat it can dissipate. My mom has a laptop with the 7735hs, which idles at above 50 degrees, which i think is insane, and this new CPU supposedly consumes even more power, so that’s why I’m wondering how will it even work. Also what about the battery life?

That’s not a correct analysis.

When you talk about heat dissipation you have a few issues to consider

  • Conductivity through mass which means different materials will conduct at different rates so weight is not the issue.
  • Thickness of material. Generally a heat sink, which you are thinking of maybe has to then dissipate that heat. That is down to a) surface area and b) thickness and c) ambience of the next heat sink, usually air.

A thicker heat sink may actually hold the heat for longer, thicker and heavier would be counter productive.

  • The laptop doesn’t use the chassis as a heat sink for conducting heat, it uses a fan. So you can see weight would not help and be a hindrance.

  • And as mentioned the 115W is only for short bursts and in that scenario a heat sink again would eb counter productive so a fan is the solution.

115W is the peak turbo rating. This is the most heat it can ever produce at the absolute highest turbo frequency.

You won’t be able to sustain 115W on anything but the very largest gaming laptops with multiple fans, and even then, not for long.

The CPU will be able to boost to those power levels for as long as the cooling will allow it (think seconds), then it will throttle to save itself and conserve battery.


Do we know what TDP they run at in the FW13? Many chips can be set for various max TDP options, depending on the application.

Weight, conductivity, airflow, heatsink surface area, etc., all come into play. Still, I’m sure the FW13 wouldn’t do well with 115W continuous. But I’m also sure that number won’t be continuous.

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The others were 28W. I can’t confirm what it is for this generation but I strongly suspect it’s also 28W.


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115W is likely impossible. As the power can’t supply it

The supply isn’t just external as with the 11th Gen I have.

a) you can buy a higher wattage power supply
b) When under heavy load the laptop wil take from the main supply and the battery at the same time.