12th gen framework, tried 3.06 bios, laptop will no longer take power in from cable

hi, where is a link to the download of the factory bios for the 12th generation laptops?

There’s no download link for the factory BIOS. While you wait for a reply from Framework support, you can try the following:

  • power off
  • unplug the USB-C power cable
  • wait 2 min
  • plug the USB-C power cable into one of the USB-C expansion cards on the other side of the laptop (left <-> right)
  • power on
  • run the BIOS update again

The 3.06 BIOS update includes three updates: “BIOS” plus retimer firmware updates for both sides. It seems that the retimer updates (sometimes?) don’t completely install as long as a power cable is plugged in on the corresponding side of the laptop.

I fixed it by doing the internal battery disconnect in the bios, then rebooting it a bunch of times, THEN I went to install 3.06 and it worked? I really don’t know why.

It works now tho!


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