12th Gen Intel Core 2024_07_04 Drivers Release BETA

We are unifying the driver releases for 12th and 13th gen Intel laptops. Feel free to update your 12th gen system with the new combined installer below.

Driver Bundle

This driver bundle includes several security fixes and enhancements.

Download Link SHA256
https://downloads.frame.work/driver/Framework_Laptop_13_12th_and_13th_Gen_Intel_Core_driver_bundle_W11__2024_07_04.exe 27d05eaab1d3a4e02164239ff47f4716bf40dbf386b482ea67870b52c2275642

Edit: We have updated the driver bundle to fix an issue with marketplace mainboards in the 07_04 version.

INF Driver archive

This driver archive can be used to build windows images using DISM commands, or apply driver updates through group policy.

Download Link SHA256
https://downloads.frame.work/driver/Framework_Laptop_13_12th_and_13th_Gen_Intel_Core_driver_bundle_W11__2024_06_25.zip d09209fcad56f6fd18ed87fc1002e02603eb56e694260931402bc7670dc2f7cf

Driver Versions

Driver Version
Intel Chipset 10.1.19627.8423
Intel GNA
Intel Management Engine 2351.5.49.0
Intel Management and Security Status 2316.5.0.0
Intel Serial IO 31.100.2351.81
Intel Display
Intel Dynamic Tuning 9.0.11404.39881
Intel TXT Authenticated Code Module
Intel PROSet WiFi
Intel PROSet Bluetooth
Goodix Fingerprint 3.12804.0.240
Realtek Ethernet 11013_20_07272023_08042023
SD Card Reader v4_5_10_201

Having an issue where the installer does not recognize the system as a 12th gen.


Great seeing progress streamlining updates!

Any ETA on a linux updater?

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Thank you very much for this updated bundle.

Same issue here on my 13" i7-1260p version.

same issue on my 12th gen, i7-1260.

The error message 2disbetter reported above comes from the “install_drivers.bat” script in the installer. It checks for strings “FRANMACP” or “FRANMCCP” in %TEMP%\framework_system_report.txt. My framework_system_report has no FRANM* strings.

My 12th gen framework_+system_report.txt does contain:

System Manufacturer Framework
System Model Laptop (12th Gen Intel Core)
System Type x64-based PC
Processor 12th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i7-1260P, 2100 Mhz, 12 Core(s), 16 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date INSYDE Corp. 03.08, 12/25/2023
SMBIOS Version 3.4
Embedded Controller Version 255.255
BaseBoard Manufacturer Framework
BaseBoard Product FRANGACP06
BaseBoard Version A6

Does the baseboard version detector need to allow “FRANGACP” in addition to the two existing checks?

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Sounds very much like it.

While I have not tried the new driver installer, I was affected by the initial 3.08 BIOS Updater for Windows refusing my board and it is FRANGACP06 as well. Seems like Framework likes to forget that model exists and has not learned from the last time they forgot it…

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Thank you all for these reports. I’m escalating this issue internally so we can take a deeper look into it.

Please let us know if you encounter any other issues or if you have additional screenshots/error messages that can help us identify and solve this problem. Thanks for your cooperation!


I modified the install_drivers.bat to allow 12th Gen product code “FRANGACP” and ran the installer. Everything installed as expected & the system is operating normally.

Note: you can access any of the files in the installer by using a zip utility to unzip the Framework_Laptop_13_12th_and_13th_Gen_Intel_Core_driver_bundle_W11__2024_06_25.exe and reviewing the install_drivers.bat batch file at the top level of the archive.

The change was simple; I’m sure most of you could do it yourselves. But to document one working solution, here’s the change:

Existing install_drivers.bat from Framework:
find “FRANMACP” “%TEMP%\framework_system_report.txt” >nul || (
find “FRANMCCP” “%TEMP%\framework_system_report.txt” >nul || (
echo “This Framework driver bundle is designed to run on 12th&13th Gen Intel Core Mainboards only!”

Here’s that same section of code updated to allow “FRANGACP” 12th Gen main boards:

find “FRANGACP” “%TEMP%\framework_system_report.txt” >nul || (
find “FRANMACP” “%TEMP%\framework_system_report.txt” >nul || (
find “FRANMCCP” “%TEMP%\framework_system_report.txt” >nul || (
echo “This Framework driver bundle is designed to run on 12th&13th Gen Intel Core Mainboards only!”

Save the updated version to a new name & execute that if the installer failed for your early 12th Gen board.

I updated the release to point to a new version that modifies the script to also match these mainboards that were previously failing.

Thanks for the reports!


No feedback in a week, does that mean that everyone was able to update the driver bundle successfully? Please let us know if you had any issues!

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How about a driver bundle that does not overwrite newer drivers already installed? Many of us update our intel graphics, wifi and BT drivers ourselves. Your bundle does not include the latest drivers in some cases.

Mine cannot be updated because im not on windows.

The driver bundle includes the latest Framework-certified drivers which may be slightly behind a component manufacturer’s releases. You can always extract specific drivers from the bundle should you wish to only update specific things. Having the driver bundle overwrite existing drivers is advantageous for people who wish to revert the Framework’s recommend configuration.