12th Gen Intel Core BIOS 3.06 Beta

Ok, you are not referring to the post you linked to.
So I quote the part from the post you are referring to:

Now, we have a negotiated contract for a dedicated team to provide ongoing software work post-launch.

The contract is the starting point. From here, our supplier needs to reallocate or hire the new team members

This is what I said. The contract is negotiated and we don’t know, if it was signed already or if the framework team is ready yet.

Edit: I don’t think, it was signed yet, because the post is 3 months old and nothing happened in the time between.

Edit2: Please quote a sentence you are referring to, which explicitly states, that the contract was signed or the staff was hired.

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Well, you don’t have a contract until it is signed. If it is not signed then there is no need for the supplier to allocate staff.

Hello everyone,

Testing of the next 12th Gen Intel Core BIOS (3.08) is in the final stages with our development partner and the current plan is to release it in BETA to the Community following the New Year break. We’ll have an update for you on January 2nd.

Thanks for hanging in there with us.


Now this would be a really good start into the new year!
Thank you for the update @TheTwistgibber :slight_smile:


Very cool, thanks for the update.

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Keeping my finger crossed we get an actual stable release out of this, and that we don’t go back to the end of the line if there are issues with it.


Great update, thank you very much @TheTwistgibber

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This is the real trick. I’ll give Framework props tho. I wanted an update before end of year and they just managed it with a few days to spare. We shall see how quickly the Beta launches after Jan 1st and then see how smoothly(if it does) move to stable release. Perhaps there is hope yet. Gladdened to see a commitment to a specific date for communication.


Did you find a solution yet? i have the exact same. my bios update failed and keeps trying to install the system update when rebooting now… i hope this 3.08 update fixes it. was quite expensive toy then… :smiling_face_with_tear:

Just wanted to get my first usb4 device working …

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Usb 4? you mean thunderbolt4? also, if the update is stuck, did you contact support? They might have a step by step guide to get out a potential update loop (maybe somehow make the firmware updates finish completely)

Aah i meant thunderbolt 4. I did get it working by removing the ssd as mentioned in a earlier comment! I installed he windows bios update and the EFI update and failed. I removed the ssd and ran the EFI update another time via usb and this worked. Also my thunderbolt device works correctly now.

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Honestly, I have firewalls and am the only user, if we’re scared of buggy efi code run your browser under KVM/Hyperv I mean, air gapping ?? That’s a bit excessive, or wait let’s start worrying about the EM variance of my keyboard through the A/C power !!

The amount of undisclosed vulnerabilities exceeded the known “patched / CVE” set by orders of magnitude. If patching was so effective, security policies would be a one page document.

I’ve rarely seen a flaw that I’m really worried about, compensating controls and mitigation gets you really far (and don’t let anyone else have remote shell on your laptop)!!


Hi folks. As promised, the latest update is that we’ve received 12th Gen Intel Core BIOS 3.08 from our development partner and have begun internal testing today. Once we’ve finished the testing, if no blocking issues are found, our plan is to release the BIOS as BETA to the Community next week. Almost there.


Thank you for the update :smiley:
Im still on 3.04, can I just hop onto 3.08 or do I need an intermediate update?

or is this handled by the update, do the other firmware also get updated? for retimers, thunderbolt, EC etc I dunno what got updated in 3.06 exactly. I assume a similar process and no downgrading (unless we want usb2 only on the left side) applies to 3.08? Many questions, but I think these get answered right away when you guys drop the (long) awaited update.


Very excited :3


Today the new 12th Gen Intel BIOS version 3.08 Beta was released.


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Since this release is no longer the latest beta, closing this thread to prevent confusion.