12th Gen Intel Core BIOS 3.06 Beta

This also got delayed by the need for a last minute update to the AMD BIOS, which was just released as well, so it would seem that they will be working on the 12th gen BIOS update now.

@Azure, I am following up on those specific questions because back in August Matt said:

So while normally you are right that this is a user forum and answers shouldn’t be expected, in this case I think following up is fair.


understandable, I had to skim most of this thread bc I wasn’t following it for the longest time, so I forgot that Matt had previously stated that he was going to try to get you an answer. There is still a chance that the answer came back that the engineers can’t answer those questions right now, but I would hope Matt would try to let you know that if he can!


Please apply the knowledge that this was posted in November 2022 with the patience indication if it is read correctly.

Is there a thread or something I could subscribe to, to get notified about 12th gen bios updates only? If so please @ me in a reply, as I’m unsubscribing here. Thank you so much. If not, please consider creating some announcement-only threads, as it would just be convenient.

I’m just tired of notifications of people just discussing their grievances (even if they do have a point), asking questions etc.


Any progress?


I updated my 1240p version to the beta today and so far it’s gone smoothly. Thunderbolt ports are working without issue on both left and right, and I had no issues booting (I was a little worried the luks encrypted NVME drive would goof something up).

For anyone on NixOS, add this to your configuration.nix for a smooth experience:

services.fwupd = {
    enable = true;
    extraRemotes = [
    uefiCapsuleSettings = {
      DisableCapsuleUpdateOnDisk = true;

Then run fwupdmgr update to apply the update. Say yes to everything when prompted, and then wait while your framework automatically restarts a few times during the installation.

I’m still salty we don’t have a real non-beta release though :stuck_out_tongue:


Since things are hopefully progressing and we are approaching the first birthday of this beta with giant steps, may I ask again whether the final version will later only be as of December 2022, or whether newer updates from 2023, e.g. further optimizations of the Framework and newer versions of Intel’s microcode and the CSME will also be included?


Chiming in about the beta bios. I updated using lvfs-testing.

Update appeared to go cleanly, but upon booting up the left USB ports of the laptop didn’t work - none of the USB ports were recognized. Resetting defaults in the bios did nothing, so I did a reset of my mainboard and that let them work again.


Not so happy ANNIVERSARY to us not so happy ANNIVERSARY to
us one year ago we were told this.


The cake is a lie :shushing_face:


An anniversary that should have never happened :face_exhaling:. Very disappointing.


Well, let’s see if we also have to celebrate the anniversary of the release of this beta in three weeks… Personally, I hope not!


Is there an official update on whether they are working on this or making progress?

The latest update was that FW will get a dedicated team at Insyde.
But we have no idea, if that team is already set up and working.

My personal guess is, that they are currently not working on the 12th gen BIOS, because there are still issues with the FW16 BIOS, which is a priority for FW right now (see Second update on Framework Laptop 16 shipment timing - Framework Laptop 16 - Framework Community )

This is just speculation though…


You are right, that they might have had to reallocate their limited resources again and it would be understandable (but frustrating, even though).

But as @nrp said on Oct. 12th:

The first project this team is working on will be 12th Gen BIOS. After that, they will be rotating between releases on 11th Gen, 12th Gen, 13th Gen, Ryzen 7040 Series, and future products as needed.

So it would be fair to provide an update here again after nearly two months of silence if the team is not currently working on the 12th Gen BIOS.

After all there should/might be a nearly complete bios with “only” installer problems if I got @Kieran_Levin correct in his post from June 30th:

We have another build that is completing validation. However it does have some issues when using the EFI shell updater. I am pushing to release the windows updater as soon as we finish validation, and we may have to release the EFI update later on.

So, without wanting to appear impatient: What about a small update for the community @nrp , @Kieran_Levin , @Matt_Hartley ? Anyone?


Well, I guess one of the earliest things they will work on will be this but i would think that would be higher up the dev chain than a manufacturer dedicated team.

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I have encountered the issue with the FW 12th gen too. Up until now I thought it was a Samsung thing. Maybe Framework could look at the issue for both mainboards at the same time.

How about bi-monthly updates?