15" & 17" screens?

I wonder if this is in the pipework? I’d like a 17" for CAD on the go!

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I know that framework isn’t planning any new projects right now, but I wonder if it would be likely for, say, a 17-inch laptop to be produced after the 13.5 inch succeeds? Framework wouldn’t have to make differently sized parts for this laptop, so it wouldn’t be a bad business move, and it would give a wider range of laptop users who want bigger screens but still a decent amount of portability incentive to buy a Framework Laptop.


I would love a 17" screen, or at least 15". And it would be great if you could get a hi-res option. I just had to buy a laptop and chose the 17" hi-res option, even though it meant I had nothing but usb-c ports. I was really bummed about that, but I wanted the big hi-res display more than I hated carrying a dongle. 13" displays are way too tiny.

@LlightW @Stephen_Taranto I did a mockup on how a larger model could look in one post:

A 17 inch screen would be great, with the numpad on the keyboard as well.