New Framework laptop Model? Anyone?

Anyone feel Framework should introduce a larger laptop? 14 or 15inch? 16:10 aspect ratio?
Just thinking of it, because I require a more powerful laptop than the current framework laptop, possibly an Intel 12th gen with paired with the newer Intel XeSS/ Alchemist line graphics due to better integration?

By the way, nice to meet you guys!! I’m soon enrolling into an engineering faculty in SG soon and I really wished Framework laptops can reach here locally in Singapore as well. Talk to you guys soon…

  1. This definitely isn’t happening until supply chain issues have been worked out.
  2. This definitely won’t happen until Framework has established more of a footing in terms of supply chain partners and gained more leverage in terms of purchase volume.
  3. Introducing more laptop form-factors is a pretty decent undertaking in its own right because of the amount of PCB (and other) design necesssary to keep the laptop modular while allowing the performance necessary for the laptop to actually compete.
  4. Most laptops in that form-factor are already reasonably modular (at least in terms of the internals), so the value-add is quite a bit less (it’s the same issue with them introducing a version with a dGPU — most of the gaming laptops on the market are decently modular and can have their RAM, storage, and even certain modules replaced without having to throw the whole thing out). The current sector they’re targetting (the small-and-light laptop sector) is a sector where currently most of the available options have soldered RAM (and sometimes even soldered storage) and things are hard to replace individually, so the value-add is quite large.

All of this is to say: I’m not saying they won’t do this, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for such an option just yet.


I think a 14.4 inch 3:2 aspect ratio would be the next step when the current product proves it’s potential. Gives room in the chassis for discrete graphics and larger battery capacity. For now a smaller bezel and multi-touch screen would be nice to have in the 13inch chassis. Digitizer wouldn’t make too much sense unless the screen on the current laptop allows the device to open flat.

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