Support for larger screen sizes in the future?

I’m really excited by the opportunities that Framework presents for modularity and replaceability in the consumer laptop arena. I’m looking to replace my current Acer laptop right now and I’d have already placed an order for a DIY edition until I realized that the only supported screen size is 13.5 inches currently, and that’s a bit too small for my liking (heh). But then, since Framework is all about repairability and upgradeability, my thought was that I could buy my DIY laptop now configured to what I’m looking for, and then just replace the chassis/screen panel when that becomes available for a larger form factor.

My question is, does Framework have plans to support larger screen sizes in the future and provide an “upgrade path” from smaller form factors?


This subject has come up more than once lol… E.G. 15" & 17" screens? - Off Topic - Framework Community