18" Framework Laptop When?

Framework has delivered my favorite laptop thus far with the 13" model and now opened up pre-orders for their fabulous 16" model with upgradeable dedicated graphics and much much more!
Now the question is… When’s the 18" model coming out? There was a 2-year gap between the release of the first 13" and the upcoming release of the 16" so can we expect the 18" to come in 2025? I for one can’t wait until 2039 when we finally have 32" models!


By 2039 I’m willing to bet we’ll have the option for 10 ft wide screens via AR glasses.


sigh… I remember when the goal with laptops was to get smaller and smaller. Nowadays it seems like people just want bigger screens over everything else. At some point it just looks like you’ve got a TV in your lap! :joy:

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@Be_Far pssht… dont give them ideas!

I’m trying; I’d kill for a dumb TV


A 17-inch display upgrade on the Framework 16 in the near future would get us closer :slight_smile:

A 11" model would be also cool :slight_smile:

Yeah I am also looking forward to have a dumb TV. And a smartphone that is actually pro-consumer.

Unless it would use the same internal components as the F16 I suspect the market is not big enough.

I would be happy with a 18" chassis that can contain all the standard parts made for the FW16. That way they just have to do the engineering for the chassis and have only a few additional parts to manage (chassis, screen and maybe a bigger battery…)

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