2 in 1 feature coming soon? Please add garaged stylus

I just wanted to get a topic going as my first post I’d like to dedicate it to my somewhat favourite form factor the 2 in 1 a few suggestions when or if you do make it.

First off please add a garaged stylus this is one of the features I feel that is lacking in most 2 in 1’s that does support a stylus. This would possibly make it not only the best 2 in 1 laptop apart from its foundations being the always repairable and upgradable laptop but also the laptop form of the Samsung galaxy note.

Plus it really helps that the stylus is inside the laptop meaning you more than likely wouldn’t forget it unlike having magnets or a stupid attachment where it can easily fall off or just get in the way.

AMD as a second part of my 2 in 1 form factor wish list 3rd better battery or at least a bigger possibly 14” or 16” form factor with the same screen aspect ratio of 3:2.

If anything else I hope for the best to the framework team and I will be following and waiting for your next product release most importantly waiting for the 2 in 1 form factor and my current pre order.

2 in 1 wish list:
Garaged stylus
Better battery
bigger form factor at least 14” or 16”


Framework is currently focusing their effort into their current model. New models may come eventually.