2in1 Option Needed

I love this product and want to buy right now, but a 2in1 is a must for any ultrabook for me at this point.

My other wishlist, but not absolute deal killers. 4K Display, AMD CPU/GPU, and thunderbolt. The CPU/GPU will matter based on performance of course, but right now I can’t find AMD ultrabooks with 4K Displays especially in the 13.3 inch form factor.


AMD mobile cpus do not support Thunderbolt. While the current model also isn’t Thunderbolt certified by Intel, the hardware itself is Thunderbolt.


Except for the AMD/thunderbolt not being supported, Technically, I don’t think there should be too many obstacles for them to make a 2-n-1, mostly the hinge and a touch screen. Saying that… lol, I’m not an engineer.

I’d love a 2-in-1 version too. Would be an insta-buy (if it would be available in the EU)!

4K on such a small display makes no sense to me personally… I’d think anything above the current resolution of the Framework would mostly be a waste of battery life.

AMD options would be awesome, but since they have a much smaller budget than Intel I can imagine that it might not be an option in the short-ish term. For Framework I might make an exception to my preferences and go with an Intel-powered model :slight_smile:


Yeah, 2in1 would be the option for me. If you guys ever do it, you have one guaranteed customer.

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Me too. I will definately buy a 2in1 framework.

Hi, I am waiting too for a 2in 1 solution and for to be easier to get it into the EU. and then I will be a costumer too.