2-in-1 form factor

I would love to see a convertible or detachable version of this, I’ve always been a fan of this kind of convenience. Any chance that this is on the backlog?


Maybe a dock like Thinkpads? :thinking:


Hi Nathan, that’s not in the plans for the Framework Laptop, but that is certainly an interesting category of products in the notebook space that would benefit from upgradeability and repairability (especially since 2-in-1s in the market are typically the least repairable notebooks around).


I would second the call for a docking station. Maybe one that uses the same expansion options as the laptop itself. That way it can upgrade along with the laptop and all that is needed is the creation of the dock chassis.

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I also want a convertible option or future conversation kit. 2-in-1 is way more productive then clamshell. This the only reason I still in consider.

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I’m in for the 2-in-1. I have several Dell Inspiron 13 inch models, but being able to upgrade the memory and disk can be trying. In the old days the laptop manufacturer/Microsoft deal to limit laptops to 1 GB memory was a real pain. Dell adds more memory now, but usually just an OS upgrade away from useless.

Yes, a repairable 2-in-1 convertible notebook would be great indeed - much needed when looking at the soldered down competition!
2-in-1, that 3:2 form factor, stylus and touch support, matte screen - would be an instant buy!
I understand that a screen with digitizer support might unnecessarily raise the price for people who don’t need it. But is there any disadvantage to construct the hinge in a way that it can turn 360°? Think this could even be nice for people without a touch screen e.g. when watching movies in a train! And the modular approach could allow a matte digitizer enabled touch screen as an option - so best of all worlds!

The current Framework notebook isn’t for me yet as I get headache from glossy screens, but I will keep an eye on this, the concept is awesome for sure!

Does that even work? Touch screens usually have a flat (glossy) glass surface and adding a rough matte finish (probably out of transparent plastic) probably wouldn’t feel that great to touch and probably rub off or get damaged easily. Like it would probably wear down over time and then get glossy in some often touched parts or peel off.

Matte touch screens with digitizer seem to work, yes. E.g. Lenovo offers the Thinkpad X1 Yoga with a matte screen. (Unfortunately only in the quite expensive premium model, their cheaper 2-in-1 devices all seem to have glossy screens).

It definitely works. I have some random 14" HP EliteBook for work and it has a matte touch screen. Doesn’t feel quite as good as a glass screen, but it still feels good enough, and leaves no visible smudges like a glass screen does.

As for durability, I’ve had it for two years with no issue, although I don’t use touch all the time. I’ve even scratched it with my nail without issue. Maybe you’d eventually start to have problems, but based on what I’ve seen, it’s fine.

In the current state of the Framework laptop, would it be possible to swap the positions of the screen and keyboard?

I am thinking ribbon cables might be an issue, probably thermals also, but if that is possible, it might be possible to 3D print a “surface-like” chasis for the components.

That would turn the Framework into an imperfect, but serviceable for a few use cases, 2-in-1.

I absolutely love the philosophy of FrameWork laptops, but I absolutely need a 2 in 1 laptop for ink and touch input. I would love to see form factors that either have the “Pull forward display” or detachable keyboard type form factor for on the go ink+touch.


Same here! That + ryzen platform and I won’t ever look at another laptop brand ever.

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With a detachable screen? Would that work as a dock or something like that?

Unless you mean one that flips, but defo agree in either case :exploding_head:

This topic’s also kind of being touched on over on the 360 foldable frame topic :slight_smile:

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Or like a Framework Tablet (+ connectable keyboard)