(2) M.2 SSD Slots

I wish that for the future Framework 13 that have as (2) M.2 SSD slots. I wish this features.


me too

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+1 This is my most-desired feature of future Framework 13 revisions. Especially if the CPU already has the PCIE lanes needed for it. Which it apparently does.

The FW16 Ryzen-7-7840HS has 20 PCIE Lanes (source)
The FW13 Ryzen-5-7640u has 20 PCIE Lanes (source)

If the FW16 can fit two M.2 slots on top of each other then hopefully the same would be possible for the 13-inch. A second M.2 slot for storage/backups/eGPUs would be great. I know there are the expansion card memory options, but those have to go through USB, and it would be great not having to sacrifice 1 of the 4 ports.

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This may be a lot more possible if/once they move on to lpcamm, that should free up quite a bit of space on the board.

At least on the 13 there are more than enough pcie lanes for that and then some (maybe break out an 8x link to a ribbon cable somewhere pls XD).

And the 13 is using a whopping 5 of them.

Yup. Would love to see the FW13 reaching its full potential. Or at least more of it (gotta keep costs down too I suppose).

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Even on the Intel based Framework laptops with much more limited PCIe lanes it should be possible.

The Intel CPUs that Framework uses claim to support “20” PCIe lanes, however in reality they support 8 full speed PCIe 4.0 lanes and an OPIO link (which supports the same bandwidth as 2 PCIe 4.0 lanes). The OPIO link is split into 12 PCIe 3.0 lanes by the PCH, however they are bottlenecked by the upstream bandwidth of the OPIO link (equal to 2 PCIe 4.0 lanes of 4 PCIe 3.0 lanes).

However even that you could have 2 SSDs connected to the normal full speed PCIe 4.0 lanes and put the Wi-Fi card on one of the lanes that runs through OPIO. IIRC some Framework employee (I think Twist) previously stated that the Wi-Fi already connects through the OPIO/PCH lanes which means that there are 4 lanes sitting unused.

The AMD CPUs support full PCIe 4.0 speed across all 20 lanes without limitations. Intel’s new meteor lake CPUs support 12 PCIe 4.0 lanes without bandwidth limitations (less claimed lanes but more actually useful lanes than current Intel CPUs).

The only CPUs that Framework has used with PCIe limitations that are actually limiting in practice was the 11th Gen Intel CPUs that Framework used on the original Framework laptop. Those have only 4 lanes plus OPIO. A second SSD could technically be achieved with that but bandwidth would be severely limited and not able to take advantage of high-end drives.

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I wish as size of 22 x 30. I also wish M.2 SSD as 10TB.

@Omega21 you know there are no bigger size in M.2 then 8 TB. If you want a 8 TB SSD order the DIY Version

I wish that they can add the features of change GPU in Framework 13. I wish super portable laptop, small, powerful, and long lasting.

I could that request? Where?

Plus, if FW13 can add this AirJet (Fan-less SSD). Framework 13 will be super cool. and offer different color of chassis of FW13.

I wish they can features as touch screen.