Possibility of Laptop 13 x Laptop 16's dGPU [eGPU]

It would be great to see official figures/pre-release testing data on combining the 16" laptop’s dGPU module with the FW13 through a dock/enclosure.

I’m still very much torn between the FW16 and FW13+eGPU, and given the amount of variables in a setup like the latter it would be great to see figures to think about this more concretely as soon as possible.

Specifically, I’m more than happy with the CPU performance that a modern Ryzen 7 U-series can provide and I value compactness, but do still want decent graphics performance at home at the end of the day without huge compromises (usually a midrange/upper midrange-kinda customer on the upper end of “value + niceties”).

As I understand, Thunderbolt/USB bandwidth is the big limiting factor holding back many external desktop cards these days, but given that this will be a mobile chip I wonder how much of a compromise we would see here. It would also draw a lot less power for the diminished performance compared to a desktop card, which is always nice.

Readily available information on “piecemeal” setups like this would be great to have for us semi-tinkerers out there looking at a more experimental solution for their computer needs, and increase the amount of customisation options and unique setups out there for the community (possibly allowing for saturating more niches with the same product catalogue). This would let people like me have a better chance of accurately weighing the compromises we’d be taking with each solution and helps us all to be more informed consumers.


I’m not sure what Frameworks egpu will be like on price or performance but elevated systems has some videos on using the razer core X with the 13 using an older Intel chip. The razer enclosure is really expensive though. ETA Prime has a few videos showing cheaper egpus but with different laptops and egpu.io is a good website for reference.

I am starting to get into home lab-based AI and the power efficiency difference between laptop GPUs and desktop GPUs is significant, especially for something I’m planning to leave running 24/7.

I would like to upgrade my Framework 13 to a Ryzen board and re-use my current Framework 13 intel board for a server with an eGPU. If framework sold a dock for their dGPUs, once they are available, that would be a game changer in this space. I’m not aware of any laptop-based eGPU enclosures and this would potentially allow me to upgrade just the GPU in the enclosure in the future.

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