2017 Chromebook Pixelbook ---> Framework Linux for Privacy

Increasing my threat model and Sustainability goals → Reseaching Framework on Linux
Using the 2017 Pixelbook for last five years - Love Keyboard, touchscreen, 3:2 aspect, size and portability.
Leaving ChromeOS behind.
Concerns: Simplicity, no-touch screen, and having to deal with drivers, etc.

Goals: Simplicity of use, I just want it to work and continue to work. I’m not a gamer, i’m old and tired, but I love command line and once was a less than steller programmer. I cringe when I see the problems with Linux battery issue on framework so I still haven’t ordered. I loved that the chromebook could be closed and the system would calm itself. I would open it back up and it would be ready to go.

Is Framework on Linux (any distro you suggest) possible with my concerns and goals above?

Thank you