Framework 16 Chromebook

Absolutely loving my Framework Chromebook - I use it every day as a full time developer. I was going to buy the HP Dragonfly Chromebook or the HP Chromebook Pro but was so glad when the Framework Chromebook was released (not only was it much cheaper, but specs are essentially the same, I was able to customize it, and already repaired something that broke).

That being said - any word on a Framework 16 as a Chromebook? Just installing ChromeOS on a machine can be done but it is not sufficient for every day use (IMHO). The Titan C chip is required for full compatibility. Even if it is just a Framework 16 DIY edition with a motherboard that includes the Titan C chip that is good enough for me!

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I’ve never understood the appeal of Chromebooks, except the price of the really cheap ones that schools buy. What do you like about Chromebooks? Clearly you like them enough to actively search them out.

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I was thinking of using some Android apps, but otherwise using Linux

Although it’s very theoretical, I haven’t seen if it’s that useful of a concept

ChromeOS is really just another Linux distro at its core - I use it the same way I used to use Debian or Ubuntu for 20+ years except I don’t have to tweak anything ever and I don’t have to worry about weird random bugs impacting the primary desktop environment like I would on Linux. I still run Linux and BSD at home but for work if I am running a meeting with 90 attendees I don’t want to waste their time while I reboot cause between my 9:00 AM meeting and my 9:30 AM meeting Alsa decided that I don’t have a microphone anymore.


Maybe there’ll be a Chromebook X offering from Framework at some point.

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