New Chromebook Owner!

I just got my new Framework Chromebook on Friday. I just wanted to post some quick thoughts. I’m upgrading from an Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA which has reached EOL. It will now become my wife’s media consumption device and her old, decrepit, barely-holding-together laptop will be recycled properly.

I immediately noticed the screen which is considerably brighter and more vivid than my old one. I thought the new aspect ratio might cause me issues, but it hasn’t. The biggest surprise for me is the keyboard. It is so much better than the Asus’, which itself was better than most Chromebooks I’ve tried. I got Crostini running and have Firefox and Libreoffice running in them as if they were running natively (which, more or less, they are). I really can’t judge battery life yet because it’s so new I’m using it a ton.

Someone might wonder why I chose a Chromebook over the standard version and installing Linux. It’s mainly because Android apps have become a big part of my workflow. The ones I use benefit from a larger screen. Also, being able to run Linux apps means that stuff is covered too. ChromeOS just works without me having to think about it as much.

Obviously I’m still in the honeymoon stage, but so far color me a happy camper!