3:2 desktop wallpapers

I’ve recently discovered Wallpaper Engine and fell in love. There are so many options and cool things to discover on there. Right now this is my setup

(The rain in the background/wallpaper is animated too)


I think the art that appears on the box could also be a nice wallpaper. Shouldn’t be too hard to recreate if we don’t get anything official :slight_smile:


@feesh I had some time to kill to day so here is both a png and svg of the box, as it turns out the box’s aspect ratio doesn’t quit match the laptop but oh well.
svg: framework box image final.svg - Google Drive
png: framework box image final.png - Google Drive


@Tyler_S this is awesome, thanks!!

Edit: Crudely edited it to 3:2 ratio, made the black a little lighter, and changed the QR code/text at the bottom-right to point to the homepage instead of the support page.


Here’s an idea I had: take any photo of a landscape from Pexels and superimpose the Framework logo into it! Although someone on here can probably execute the idea better than I did…


@gs1 Great idea! Here are a few of my attempts:

And some high-res logos if anyone wants to try:
SVG: logo.svg - Google Drive
logo_black.png - Google Drive
logo_white.png - Google Drive


@feesh YES exactly!!


@feesh thank you for the links!
I will be using these in the morning to hopefully create some interesting wallpapers.
I’ll try to keep the number of tech-inspired ones and aesthetic-inspired ones pretty even, but if anyone has ideas please tell me it anyone else willing to take them

There are the backgrounds I am using.

Here is a link to the PNG and Photoshop files. I am adding more to that drive whenever I get the feeling of changing my background.


These pics reminds me of KDE wallpapers :grinning:


I’m surprised that noone has tried making a Brotherhood of Steel background with the Framework gear.

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Something like this? It’s just a PNG logo and not a wallpaper, but when I saw the gears behind the sword I jumped to the connection.

This is just quickly scrapped together and isn’t made to be a final product


I ended up making this as my home screen for my phone with some simple icons. (2nd pic is the before shot)

I ended up changing my wallpaper from the Vibrant 2 wallpaper to this Mojave x Framework one I made as the vibrant one was too bright at night for my eyes.
If you want this style for a WinDynamicDesktop wallpaper, I made one here.


For Windows

For Linux

Used light themed bright backgrounds because of the reflective screen.




I made a few with the Framework logo! They’re all svg (created using Inkscape).

Since svg uploads are apparently not permitted:

base image (everything else is based off of playing with different Inkscape effects applied to the logo and/or the background).
background 1
background 2
background 3

Feel free to modify and build on this stuff! All of these are CC0 :blush: I also might release additional variations as I think of them (and/or have time to play with the different effects).

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Use a Google Drive or Mega link

I use Backblaze B2, so that’s how I linked to them :slight_smile: It’s just odd that svgs aren’t permitted haha

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I’d never even heard of that till now. New tech is never bad, lol.
Your designs are great btw. Can’t see what others will do with them.


Haha they’ve been around for a while, and they’re not nearly as well-known as they should be imo.

Thanks! Can’t wait to see how others spin them off as well :slight_smile:

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