3:2 Display and Customizable Bezels

This company has been around for like less than 2 years. I’m sure the display customizations will come. We can’t have everything day 1 :grinning:


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Have anyone consider of these options?

  1. 16:10 screens, maybe 1920x1200 or 3840x2400

  2. 90Hz instead of 60Hz

With tons of accessories coming out in foreseeable future, it would be great if you guys can come out some kind of accessory storage product with features like dust proof and splash proof.

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That makes it trickier.
I know that Xfce (which I use) only has one font DPI setting for all screens. On the Framework’s LCD I assume you’d want to use 200 DPI fonts. That should also be fine on a 24" 4k display as it happens, thus:

sqrt(2256^2 + 1504^2) / 13.5

sqrt(3840^2 + 2160^2) / 24

sqrt(3840^2 + 2160^2) / 27

I actually found a decent workaround for this on elementary OS. It turns out you can manually specify a 3000×2000 resolution and a 1500×1000 resolution for when connected to external displays.

You are still effectively getting 1.5× scaling and the slight bluriness that implies, but it’s the least-bad solution I’ve found on this hardware. Better in my experience than the experimental non-integer scaling in GNOME on Ubuntu, which caused screen tearing and weirdly-sized window decorations.


That’s fabulous news, thanks! I’m really looking forward to elementary OS 6. An now I really can’t wait to get my hands on a Framework laptop. :smiley:

In multiple GNOME based distros I actually find just turning on “Large Text” in Accessibility options does the trick. The UI scales pretty well to the font size. Tested in Pop OS 20.10, Fedora 34 and elementary OS on a laptop with a similar panel (Acer Spin 5).

I have tracked the panel down: BOE095F Uses eDP so should not be hard to mod.

There is a aliexpress seller selling one for a Acer laptop but looks to be a matte display, all specs and numbers match but just doesn’t have mounting holes, 13.5'' LCD Screen QHD Display Panel Matrix Replacement NE135FBM N41 40 pins 100% sRGB for Acer ChromeBook Spin 13 CP713 Series|Laptop LCD Screen| - AliExpress

Since my Thinkpad has problems - again, and depending on how accommodating support will handle the case, I thought it might be time to change my preferred brand to somthing more sustainable.
I like the sustainable frame.work concept very much, but I’m very much on the same page as @Wout.
With two distinct points:

  • I will not change my distro after 22 years using debian/KDE because of a otherwise tempting HW does not stick to standards.
  • and a non-matte screen is a deal breaker

so, @nrp, since there are no answers to the many requests for an matte display, I address you directly with this question: when will you offer one?

and what is your solution for a sharp, non blurring picture on that unusual resolution, which was chosen, without sacrificing your eyesight or battery-runtime?

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Good man. I’m in the same boat - been on Debian since 2004/5. Fingers crossed that Bullseye will play nice, though I can’t imagine it will be that difficult getting it to work (I’ll settle for Bookworm if that’s required for newer packages, though Sid has only just started rolling again).

I’ve read that putting a high quality matte protector is effectively equivalent to having a matte screen outright, especially since the bezels hide any edges the ‘protector’ would provide. Give this thread a read if you haven’t already: Matte screen please! :) - #45 by N.P


There have been a few solutions posted in various forums. The most common is matte screen protectors, several people enjoyed that option as it is a very easy install and under $50 (USD). Another option is finding a 3:2 13" matte display. To my knowledge this has been pretty unsuccessful as its pretty uncommon ask in terms of screen size and ratio. The final option is getting a second monitor with your preferred ratio, resolution, panel, and anything else you might want.

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@thearctican and @Samuel_Murray sure, there will be a tinkering-solution for every pbl. out there, like:

The question is, WHY should I invest into something, which does not fulfill my basic needs? and then tinker with it to get a more then suboptimal solution?

Since my Laptop is the tool which I’m working with for my daily income, I definitely do not go for something which does not do it’s job! It’s just straight thinking. I do not decide for a brand because it’s hip, I decide for a tool because it works for me!

Let me know, how that worked out, if you ever spend time on that. For the moment I’m bound to stable because I need to run the proxmox VE as part of my dev-work.

The good news is:
Nobody’s twisting your arm.

When they have a solution, maybe it’ll be right for you, maybe it won’t, but you’re well within your rights to not buy anything you don’t think meets your needs.

On the other side of that coin, I’m thrilled with the utility of the Framework, and am glad I didn’t buy one of the other substandard shitheaps out there. But I’m not using it for work, so my needs are probably vastly different than someone like you. And I’m OK with that.


I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to this laptop, coming OCT2021!
Going to sell my Zephyrus G15 RTX 3070 and buy an eGPU <3
Also, PLEASE let us know when we can take off the elegant black bezel and buy the ZESTY ORANGE one?


When the marketplace releases which should be soon!

wondering if there will be an easy way to adapt the screen to be a standalone display, say if a touchscreen version is released at some point. I can think of some uses for a small standalone screen and I would hate to feel like I was wasting it if I upgraded.


The YouTube channel “DIY Perks” has a couple episodes where he adapts old laptop screens into standalone monitors. Might be worth a look. I’m looking into that for my old all-in-one.

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Just got mine yesterday and I love the 3:2 display. Nice color, brightness, and resolution. I’m not seeing any issues with glare yet. The magnetically attached bezel is a great idea. I’m not in love with the colors offered (other than standard black) but I think Krylon will fix that if I’m really bothered by the black (I’m not). Anyone considering that solution should remember to mask the transparent bits for the microphone and webcam.