3:2 Screen sold me on the Framework

Just wanted to state I was just browsing this product without an intent to purchase, but when I saw the 3:2 screen, I was sold immediately. My favorite laptop feature was on the Google Chromebook Pixel 2 LS with its 3:2 screen, which is perfect for coding, after installing Linux. The modularity and ease of upgrading components makes it an all around great product for me.

Thanks you for this specific and unusual design choice.


Thanks! We designed for tall aspect ratio from the start, and we think it’s worked pretty well!


Certainly the 3:2 is great for many people’s productivity, and it is awesome that they now can enjoy such a cool modular laptop!

(Earlier this year I started wondering why there isn’t a more modular laptop. I imagined one where you could swap ports just like you can on the framework laptop. Then, yesterday, I saw the review on LinusTechTipps and my mind was blown. I think the laptop does just about everything right. Far better than I imagined. Color coded screws. how cool is that :smile: )

Unfortunately, the 3:2 aspect ratio does not work for me. To be productive, I need a wide screen for side by side windows. (also I prefer non glossy screens.)

Anyways, great product, I hope framework will be around for a long time!
Maybe I get lucky and in future there is enough interest for a widescreen model (with matte screen-option. :wink:

@ OP, Brian, enjoy your new laptop & happy coding!
@ Framework team., Thank you fore creating this laptop!

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Yeah the 3:2 screen really made me intrigued, now having my framework laptop in my hands I think it was the perfect design choice. I have to say, the panel they chose for this screen is nothing short of excellent as well. It’s probably one of the big high points for me of the device as a whole.