32bit vs. 64bit

I believe I downloaded the wrong bit. The computer I’m downloading from is 64bit so I though I had to download that version. My laptop is 34gb did I do this wrong? If so how do I correct it?

I’m not exactly sure what you’re talking about, but I will assume you mean your operating system. 64 bit is correct for most purposes, so if you’re not totally sure, that should be fine. What seems to be going wrong? You don’t mention why you’re worried about having downloaded the wrong thing.

Most computers use 64bit these days. Basically if you have more than 4GB of RAM you need a 64bit operating system. This is because 32 bits can only address 4GB worth of memory. If you install a 32bit OS on a computer with more than 4GB of memory, only the first 4GB will be usable.

Use 64bit for your Framework laptop.

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thank you I appreciate you.


More significantly, the Framework Laptop, of which this forum exists for, is a 64 bit based system. The amount of RAM you have has nothing to do with that metric. :slight_smile:

Yes, the Framework laptop is designed for CPUs with a 64 bit architecture.

Increased RAM capacity has more to do with why computers migrated from 32 bit architectures to 64 bit architectures. Just a tidbit of computer architecture history.

Why is this topic flagged? That person was just asking a simple question


Indeed. I think some might have thought it was just a random computing question not relevant to the intents of this forums, but I think the thread and the other threads by this person indicate this is not the case, and that they are indeed a customer. In which case these questions are more than acceptable, and most of us are happy to assist.

Exactly. It’s about educating people that have questions and want to learn. Customer or not the community should be open and welcoming to people. I’m not saying to be a tech support board for everyone, but the oddball question here and there should be fine. That’s how you welcome someone and get them interested in the product


I think the key here is this question:

What do you mean it’s 34gb? like the C: drive has 34GB of space used? that has nothing to do with the 32/64 bit OS. If you want to make sure you’re running the 64 bit version of windows, click the start button and type “about your pc” and press enter, then look under “System type”.