Just placed order. Is 64gb RAM possible?

Oh happy day! Pre-orders are open and I got in on it. I got the best specced I could, but that was capped at 32gb RAM.

Is it possible to get 64gb? I know I can buy my own sticks, etc., but I would like to give Framework the money instead.


The DIY build allowed for 64gb RAM.
The pre-builds do not.

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Seems, trivial to include that for the pre-builds. Or at a minimum throw the additional ram in the package.

It would also be helpful to know if the ram included will be a single 32gb sdimm or two 16gb sdimms.

Perhaps contacting support first would be the preferred way to go, but I imagine they are pretty swamped right now.

Edit: I emailed Framework about possible modifying my order, etc. Hopefully that will be possible, but I understand this is a hectic time for them. :+1:

Now I see they might be able to change your order.

But yeah it doesn’t say when you are in the buy now section but on rather on the description page:

It’s great to see the excitement around 64GB support! We didn’t create a pre-built config for it because we didn’t anticipate a large amount of demand. That is certainly something we can revisit in the future as we see where the DIY Edition orders land on that.

In the meantime, it is possible to pick up any of the three pre-built Framework Laptop configurations and upgrade to 64GB. We’ll be offering memory upgrades in the Framework Marketplace.

The Base pre-built is 1x8GB, Performance is 2x8GB, and Professional is 2x16GB.


Thanks! The support staff was excellent, and I was able to convert my order to a DIY and get the components that I exactly wanted.

I think I just misunderstood that this level of customization would be available to the pre-built line as well, but I understand that standardizing the assembly process helps to reign in costs, and that all makes sense to me.

I am very much looking forward to the laptop and Framework being massively successful.

This is exactly what customers have been needing for a long time.


Not just successful. The next Dell or Lenova. I hope Nirav & his growing team are ready for that level of success!