360 degree hinge touchscreen with a physical On/Off switch

There are already some suggestions when it comes to touchscreens but I want to add the following options:

It would be great if you were able to use a touchscreen (of Framework) and rotate / detach the screen (with / without a pen). As already mentioned:


However - I want to add that it would really useful if you were able to enable or disable the touchscreen using a “real” physical switch that is part of the touchscreen.
Ideally you would be able to disable the touch screen without disabling the pen just using a physical switch.


It’s quite easy, as it should be handed over by BIOS. I can see this being useful.
You can also disable it in device manager. However currently there is no quick settings (in windows, at leasst) to allow you to toggle touchscreen input.


Would it satisfy your use case if it just had really good palm rejection when using a stylus? That might be easier than incorporating a new physical switch (though I suppose you could repurpose one of the mic/cam toggles).

it’s still going to be a BIOS thing. I think it’s one of those “quality of life” upgrades that, well, would be good to have.
However, we currently have no touchscreen, so …