3D Printed Adjustable Framework Laptop Stand

I made this laptop stand for the framework laptop. It works well for me and is Creative Commons licensed so you can modify it to fit your use or use as is.


Works great. Thanks!

This is really cool, thanks! It seems to be well designed. I’ll go print one now.

@RootInit I see that your creative was introduced at Framework | Framework in 2022: Year-in-review . Congratulations!

By the way, if you don’t mind, are you ok to change this thread’s category from “Framework Laptop” to the “Creators & Developers” category for people to find it easily?

@junaruga Wow. This was the very first thing I ever designed in CAD lmao. Happy to be listed and it was nice seeing the cool stuff other people have made.

I couldn’t figure out how to change the category on my end. I think that because a moderator edited it after me I can’t any more. Or I’m just dumb. If a moderator sees this and wants to change it though I don’t mind.

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OK. This forum uses Discourse. And I changed the thread’s category to “Creators & Developers” now. Maybe you may not be able to change it by yourself yet due to a limitation of the “trust level” on the forum system. When people read and write more on the forum, they are given the trust level by the system.