CAD model for laptop shell?

I was considering modeling a filtered cooling pad/mount for 3-D printing which would be custom fit to the bottom of the laptop to get increased airflow through the base of the laptop. The question is, is there any chance a CAD model of the simple exterior (and maybe a wishlist item of interior as well?) geometry of the laptop could be made available for the community? This would make the process of prototyping a well-fitting laptop mount much easier.

This isn’t something which would be very difficult to reverse-engineer with a set of calipers, but it would just make my life (and possibly some other DIY-ers) easier.


Drawings to use for external case accessory development is on our TODO list, but it may be a little while until we get there.


Great! Can’t wait until the official models release! Until then I’ll just have to wait on my August batch delivery, calipers in hand… :grin:

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I just want to add my support for drawings or cad of the external features of the laptop!

@Frosty - I would love to see a cooling pad happen :exclamation:

Just a check-in are the CAD models ready?

Any news?


Any updates?

Dunno about official CAD models, but I posted my model in a different thread.

Yes, I’ll be waiting calipers in hand to measure up for a simple laptop stand bracket :blush:(very portable - a pair of 10x10mm custom angle beams with location features to seat the laptop base). I carry those in the pocket of my current laptop bag.