3D Printer "Server" using Framework Mainboard?

I’m considering getting an 11th gen mainboard and printing up an enclosure for it to then use as a “server” for my 3d printer. Wondering what people’s thoughts would be on this. There are solutions out there using a rPi but Framework seems like a funner option to me haha.

Set it up with a WiFi module, possibly even run the webcam up to the top rail and pointed down at the bed, and run it connected to the printer via USB and put OctoPrint on there. With how much raspberry pi’s are right now it’s not actually too much crazier to go to the i5-1135G7 and toss in some extra ram I have sitting around and a cheap ssd to run it. Set up remote management to check in on the go and boom.

All in all looking at a mainboard, wifi module, and possibly the webcam module. Print out a case, install linux and Octoprint, and boom.

Am I crazy or does this actually seem like a decent idea?

if size and power usage are not concerns, then go for it. It should go without saying that if your printer is in an enclosure, the framework should be outside of that for cooling reasons.

I don’t see anything wrong with your idea besides the fact that it might be overkill for it just to be a 3d printer server. You could totally turn the mainboard into some sort of multi-purpose server.

yeah its definitely total overkill, but the OP is going for the fun factor.

Overkill for sure. But plenty of performance to run monitoring webcams, the AI failed print detectors, time lapse creators, heating automators, etc

Octopi is python based so no architecture issue. I use Klypper firmware and command pre-processor, which I think you have to compile anyway, so no architecture issue there either.

Oh, this would 100% be overkill and I wouldn’t consider it if I could get a rPi at regular cost instead of $200. But if I can spend just a bit more and create something much better that can be multi-use and upgraded? Why not.

That’s probably the eventual use for the hardware, even if it starts as just the printer server. The bottleneck will be the use of WiFi in a “server” but I have a 6E enabled network so that shouldn’t be bad at all.