So Excited

I wanted to talk with people who would understand my excitement. So Excited right now, I’ve waited a year for the mainboard upgrade, I can finally start the things that I want to. Work is going to be so much easier now!!


I know! I don’t even know where to begin!

I’m looking for a definitive review and benchmark for all the 12th gen “P” CPUs but it seems hard to come by.


@Fraoch What do you you might use your old mainboard for? I’m trying to think of what to do with it

Good question. We have yet to discover how much these will go for on something like eBay, that’s how I fund desktop upgrades.

But it’s a perfectly good single board computer and still quite fast despite the excitement over 12th gen. Myself - my TrueNAS server is approaching 10 years old and the Framework mainboard would be both faster and more power-efficient as a server:

It’ll save a minimum of 10W on idle, which is where my server is almost all the time. 10W 24/7/365 adds up, and when power is needed, it will blow my old Xeon E3-1220 v3 out of the water.

There are also VESA cases so you can mount it to the back of a spare monitor and make yourself an all-in-one PC:

This looks really neat:

and during the Framework Q&A, Nirav was showing off a neat case that mounted the mainboard behind an 8" ultrawide monitor. I can’t find a link to this.

While those would be cool, for me personally they’d be cool toys. While a server I actually use.

I use a router too, of course:

Another thing to consider is that if you’re moving your SSD, RAM and WiFi over to your 12th gen board, well, you need to buy replacements to use in your 11th gen board. That adds to the cost and makes selling it a little more attractive if your use case for it doesn’t meet a burning need.


I was incredibly excited when I saw the news on Instagram. I’ve been wanting to buy a laptop for a long time now and a Apple Silicon based machine was my answer until seeing the Framework - but the 11th gen Intel chips weren’t going to cut it for me.

I’m still torn on leaving macOS and moving to Linux - mainly for the ‘ecosystem’ and syncing life with my iPhone but I think I’ll get over it fairly quickly. Pending reviews I’m hoping I can buy something soon!

I’ve kept my 2009 Mac Pro running for over 10 years now because of modularity, repair ability and upgrades. Buying another computer that I can’t upgrade is not something I’m looking forward too.

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@Shane_Spencer are you talking mainly about icloud and imessage as far as syncing?

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I may suggest these 2 reviews with the i7 1260P processor:


They both give you a good idea about the processor performance, power consumption, etc…

If you’re more into video reviews, I may suggest:

It is also about the 1260P, but more concise and you can jump directly to the processor part at 8:55 on the video.

I haven’t found a good review with the i5 1240P (my favorite) so far…

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Very good considerations that also come into my mind.
I suppose it is a good time for framework to consider putting up some “kits” for people that will suddenly find themselves with a spare Framework MB/processor/cooler combo on their hands:

(1) The “Laptop Kit” = just like configuring a DIY Laptop, except for the option of “NO Motherboard (I’ll bring my own)” in the middle.
For those who will buy an used MB/Proc. combo and would like to put it to use in a new Framework Laptop with the (possibly huge?) savings they get on the MB cost.
(Let’s be honest: this should be fairly easy for them to do…)

(2) The “Standalone Kit” = some nice case options (on the official marketplace, designed and sold by Framework) for the uninitiated on 3D printing techniques.
I know this is mostly an enthusiast community, but not everyone will have access to 3D printing machines or even easy/affordable 3D printing services.
Also, let’s be honest, wouldn’t it be sooooo much better to have a cleverly designed full metal case with just 2 pieces and easy assembly/disassembly (magnets and/or just a few good torx screws) to put your MB Combo?

Maybe also (in the future) a case with some clever cable management for the VESA mount?


I found this website: Intel Core i7-1280P Processor - Benchmarks and Specs - Tech

It also has benchmarks and comparisons with the lower two tiers.

Happy reading :slight_smile:


I thought about this. One of my ideas is to hand down my old motherboard to other family members. Except that for this first round of doing that, the recipient is going to need the rest of the laptop, too. Which means I really need to buy a whole 12th gen laptop. Except… that’s a bit boring. I want do to upgrading!


@Standard_027 Yeah - iCloud and Messaging. Since trying to degoogle everything is in iCloud. Apple is famously terrible at cross platform and web apps to make a jump to Linux worth it.

Truth be told, I’m not sure how often I actually look at photos on my Mac. It’s just messaging, and the iCloud stuff for the most part.

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It’s super incredible to see everyone’s excitement :orange_heart:


@Shane_Spencer Linux does have a similar service with KDE Connect that just came out on IOS now:

It’s pretty cool if you want the same syncing and messaging experience on your desktop/laptop

wow, a review without the insane PL2 of 65W, much obliged