MainBoard Case in marketplaceand it would be easier for other people that dont have 3d printers to

I Would like to see the MainBoard case in market place because i dont have a 3d printer and it be cool to see different case that are not plastic and i think it would be way easier for people that dont have 3d printers


It is ??

EDIT: OK as the post below may clarify I didn’t understand the option referred to :blush:

@MrPIRY is likely referring to this case: Framework | Mainboard Availability and Open Source Release

I’m in the process of trying to figure out what I want to do with the mainboard should I choose to upgrade.

And I seem to have the following options if I plan to keep the mainboard:

  1. Leave the current mainboard in its current chassis. Buy a complete 12th gen DIY unit. Thereby having two usable & portable & self-contained compute units.
  2. Purchase additional laptop chassis, input cover and battery. Have a headless, wired network unit…with the builtin battery serving like a UPS. (Closet router use case…maybe?)
  3. 3D print the NUC-like case. Use that as a desktop compute node.

This 3rd option: Would be nice if Framework or a 3rd party can sell a non-plastic case…

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@amoun @second_coming i ment this
I dont have a 3d printer to get this and many other people dont have 3d printer either so i want to see this in the market place plus it be cool have this as a compat computer with maybe a ryzen next i hope chsi heard there apu performance is really good


@MrPIRY I’d print it for you (or anyone else)


@ChrisR you would ?

@MrPIRY yeah but I can’t figure out how to message you. DM me on Twitter @HeyItsMeChrisR

To DM you need to do a bit more on the forum to up your status, but you can respond if someone DMs you.

@ChrisR how about discord if you have it

Another option if you are willing to pay for the mainboard case is to use an online 3D printing service. I haven’t used one before, but a quick search led me to a few companies that will 3D print designs for you, then ship them to you for a cost. Since I am not familiar with these I won’t recommend any specific ones, but if someone else here has more experience, feel free to give your opinions!

@Azure thank you i didnt know about that i just dont have the layout of the mainboard case

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I believe this is all you would need, but again, I am no expert on this sort of thing.


@Azure thanks i got it and got a quote on the 3d print its cheap enough to buy it