45W Samsung Charger Works

I have a 45W charger I bought for my tablet once. Unlike some other usb-c charging laptops I have, it would appear that the Framework is capable of being charged from this device. It’s enough for me to do my usual web browsing/text editing and still charge the battery at +10-20W.

Just thought I’d share.



i think anything usb-c will work to provide power, like i reckon a usb-a to c cable would charge the laptop (but only in absolute emergencies as i think that type of cable can deliver a max of 10W)

the reason framework suggests certain wattages is that when youre under a heavy load thats the total power draw (e.g. fw16 with dgpu will probably draw around 180W), so thats enough so youre guaranteed to be able to both use the laptop and have it either charge or just not drain battery

USB C is just the connector, to charge other than a basic 5v 900mA that a USB A output can deliver the supply has to use the PD (Power Delivery) protocol.

For example many USB C cables may carry the QC3 protocol which may provide a fast charge ( up to 20V ) to my phone but it will not do anything for my Famework.

Also to get a ‘rapid’ charge it is a good idea to use a 100W e-chipped cable to provide the 60W for the 13" but for the 16" and the 180W PSU you must really use a 240W chipped cable.

There seems to be some confusion here regarding the purpose of my post. I have a lot of usb-c devices, and a number of usb-c chargers, it is not necessarily a given that a usb-c powered laptop will accept power from any charger, especially if it’s not one with a high power output. I’m well aware of what wattage is.

The charger linked is what I use to charge my phone at night, however it has proven useful in charging my laptop when I lay in bed, the goal here was to share a budget option for those who may wish to have a lighter but still capable charger for non-heavy loads without spending a bunch of money.


I have a Lenova 300e 2nd gen, which is pretty much junk now. Got it from a friend and could not get it working again for him with Windows. I put Linux on it, and now it is dead fully.

The PS is a USB C, 20v 45 Watt, and it charges my FW 16 just fine, even with the 64 GB RAM and total of 4 TB storage.

I don’t do gaming, but have lots of other productivity things running.

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