Power Supply cord


I see that Framework offers a 60 W power charger but for $50 its a little expensive, so my question is has anyone found a cheaper bur reliable charger? Thank you

I like Lenovo’s 65w USB-C chargers. They aren’t the most compact but other than that they’re good and cheap.

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I have used chargers from these devices
30 watt MacBook Air
25 watt Samsung phone / tablet
45 watt Samsung phone / tablet
65 watt Samsung multi-port

65 or 90 watt Lenovo
65 or 90 watt Dell

65 watt Anker multi.
65 watt Anker 737 Power Bank
112 watt Insignia (best buy brand)
140 watt Insignia

Everything above the 25 watt worked well.

As long as it’s a good USB PD charger above 45 watts, you’ll probably be OK

Out of those chargers did the higher watt charge ur laptop faster or were they about the same?

Higher wattage chargers did charge the laptop faster.

In the initial specs for the 11th Gen Batch 1, which I have, @NRP indicated that using the computer without a battery would likely require about a 100 watt power supply.

I said the 25 watt didn’t really work well. it charged if the computer was off, or being lightly used.
The 30 watt charged slowly while watching recorded video, and sometimes streaming.
Higher wattages charged faster.


IIRC Framework has stated that the batteries can charge at up to a C-rate of 1 (ie. the rated battery capacity is equal to the highest wattage that it can be charged at).

So the 55 Wh battery (most Framework 13 laptops) can be charged at 55 W, the 61 Wh battery (some Framework 13 laptops) can be charged at 61 W, and the 85 Wh battery (Framework 16 laptops) can be charged at 85 W.

Of course not all the power from the charger goes to the battery. Some of it is consumed by the rest of the laptop, especially if the laptop is being used while charging. So to achieve full charging speeds all the time you can use a higher wattage charger.

this is no longer the case, all laptops can run off of 65W power adapters without the battery attached.

good to know about that capability.