4h19m battery life on almost full charge

I rarely get more than 5 hours of battery on Windows 11. I’m on an almost full charge and estimated time remaining is 4h and 19 m. This is not good. And this is just using it to surf the web.

Something needs to be done here folks. The more I use this laptop, the more I’m considering not using it, selling it and turning elsewhere. I don’t see any useful tips on here for how to address the battery drain that I haven’t already tried out. BIOS is set at max battery.

We need a higher capacity battery option.

I use Ubuntu 22.04 and only charge to 80% and am getting 5 to 6 hr which for me is fine, have you looked at the advice on this forum for tuning the laptop for a longer battery life?

This is unusual behavior, are you doing particularly CPU intensive tasks? A larger battery is not particularly feasible and won’t help much.

a) The number you quote is only relative to particular recent use. On the internet you could have been watching a hi fideltiy movie and it’ against that it’s measured.

b) Have you looked at the details to what is using the power.

c) You can also use the command|terminal powercfg /batteryreport which will create a file in /Users?#### that will give you details all the way back to when you first got Win up and running. It will show how many cycle you have used, mine is 50 over 5 months and battery wear. Min is 6% over 5 months but after calculating I see it was 3% down on day one so only 3% really.

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I’ve been there…

The Framework laptop being a laptop…has quite a few gaps…battery life being one of them. But this is where you’ll likely need to tune the system to your computational needs (TDP / PL 1 / 2, SSD selection, RAM size…etc)

I’m with you on this. Likely need a 16 inch model.