50€ for two USB C pass through :isn t it a little expensive?

I am told 10€ per USB C X 2 this is 20…OK
Now what is it about 50€ ?

I have bought a FW because of its modularity…now 2 usb C cables basically cost me the price of a low end smartphone… or a plane to Maroco… Maybe we pay for someone actually bringing me the card from china :smiley:

Price of a usb c cable shipped to me from amazon :smiley:

It’s 30€ shipping cost for everywhere in the world…

Better collect some products :slight_smile: I hope they find local retailers soon.

Framework is having shipping difficulties that they’re actively trying to work out!

Search the forum, there is a rather extended thread about shipping to Europe.

unfortunately due to Framework’s current logistical setup, you are indeed paying for the shipment from Taiwan. This is something they are working to fix, but we have no timeline on when it will happen. You are more than welcome to purchase USB-C extensions from Amazon, as the only difference is that they will not lock into the expansion slots. You could also 3d print your own expansion cards with the models hosted on Framework’s Github, and make your own adapters in order to save on shipping costs.

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@Iann_C On Amazon, sellers lower shipping cost by shipping large volumes.
Framework users from Germany have used the same trick – buying collectively from the Framework marketplace in order to factor the shipping cost.
So, why wouldn’t you try the same for France?
We (I say “we” because I’m from France too) can just complain, or we can just solve the problem.

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Thanks for your answers @Azure and others. Looking forward to improvement on the shipping like others. Its a little sade to make a modular laptop , and the first day you need a module you cannot do it because it sooo expensive ! It kills a little part of the thing…for now :wink:

3€ is the real price with shipping :smiley:
Just ordered it will see.
It has one regular usb C + one for charging. Exactely what I need!


Ho yeah, I don t know much about logisitc. But I know the guys at geek buying (where I bought some stuff) they have a whearouse in Poland…and when you order sometimes its in poland sometimes its from china. It comes by train or something, you wait 3 weeks,…BUT its CHEAP :wink:

On a psychological perspective I would prefer to buy the SAME USB C module 20€ and have 8€ shipping…which would end up 50€. But I would have the feeling I have not been robed for the shipping (compared to other comon sites prices.) This is sneake markzting I don t like , but real :slight_smile:

Finally during the ordering process of my laptop , I would have liked a message :
" You have choosed only 3 MODULES we highly recommand you take at least 4. Ordering more will cost extra 30€ shipping costs! " Or setup by default 4 usb c… explaining somehow this is the standard…because when you have the choice , you feel like “hey this is the concept , let s order some more later”.

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I dont know the exact text but they already have a message suggesting at least 4 expansion cards.