Any news on reducing the extortionate shipping costs?

Just wondering if there is any news on making the costs realistic?

I know we are in the grip of economic meltdown but no other company I buy from (and I buy from all over the world) costs so much for so little.

Maybe throw in a free USB C module with every order to sweeten the deal?


Especially since a USB-C module is recommended for a charging port, at least.

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How much is shipping? I only ordered a laptop so it was free anyway.

Go to the Marketplace, add a $10 dollar part or whatever and then go to checkout and have a WTF?! moment.

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tl;dr Frmw is a small tech startup that doesn’t have the capital to subsidize shipping costs and LTT has a pretty solid rundown on why.

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Yet I deal with busy little one man bands that can ship me stuff from all over the word for a fraction of that cost.

Sorry, doesn’t wash.

If you cant ship a module that weighs 7g (maybe 15g in a box) for less than £24…

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The video was made before Series A…though not sure what impact it may / may not have.

It’s 30 Euros for me. Which is the same price that I get for almost everything else I buy online. I often buy boardgames and the shipping costs are usually 60+ Euros. Shipping got super expensive nowadays.

I only get cheap (~5 Euros) shipping when ordering from domestic online shops or from Amazon.

Sure, the package is smaller. But as far as I understood it still comes straight from Taiwan.

I didn’t buy all my expansion cards that I might need because I definitely want the ethernet one when it releases. At least that way I will not feel that bad when paying 30 Euros for shipping. Then again, I almost always pay the same or more nowadays.

I just completed an order for merch that I bought from a large YouTube channel with worldwide shipping and ware houses in Europe. And it costs 15 Euros. I live within Europe. Just as a reference.


The shipping charges has been the same since Dec 2021. I did my first order with Framework that month.

Given that the shipping (for the generation 1 laptop purchased) was free, I do not have a problem with the charge for the accessories post purchase. The $9 shipping charge is the same for either a single expansion card or memory stick or a new 12-gen replacement mainboard/processor or a cover/laptop panel.

$9? I’m talking £24 (nearly $30) as of yesterday!!!

However…I just checked again this minute…£12!!! Now that is more reasonable.

What a difference a day makes! :grinning:

No need to thank me folks! :rofl:

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Crazy that it changed. I wonder what the reason was.

Who knows, but thanks Framework! :grinning: Has it come down for you too?

I have now ordered!

Nope, it is the same as yesterday :smiley: But it does not really matter right now. I will order once the Ethernet card is out.

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Yeah I have a Linksys USB to Ethernet dongle already so no hurry for me on that one.

Great question! Unfortunately, we do not have an update on our pricing currently. At this time, we are still eating some of the shipping cost to ensure everyone is not paying too much (although, we are currently aware that the shipping cost is higher than typical)

Once we have an update, we will be sure to post all about it!:orange_heart:


My USB C port turned up yesterday! Lovely, thank you Framework.

10 Days not bad.

i think a bit less shipping costs would do it without impact the company at all. 30€ for a single (or even 3) expansion cards?! You dont even need a packet for this. No one can tell me that this is what it costs… i mean, everyone knows the size of the cards :smile:
On the other hand, i really wish Framework success - so if this is the price…

Hmmm just looked at ordering some more bits and the shipping has gone back up to £24 from the £12 I was charged a few months ago.

I’ll hold.

let me preface this: i dont know where FW ship from.

but £24 shipping for a usb-C module, silly prices! glad i added all modules to the laptop order (due in November.
i’ve bought similar sized items from a small UK company which shipped from EU to UK recently. maybe £8 postage.

Maybe framework are shipping from a central warehouse but even international shipping seems expensive for small components that should fall in the small/cheap&light jiffy-bag postage tarriff.
I also get the impression that the postage is used somewhat as a deterant of small single-item orders. Its obviously more efficient to add a handful of items into the order to spread the postage costs. easily fixed though and just have a minimum order limit or something if single-order items give an unreasonable ROI.
Having just been through shipping my old laptop via retail courier costs, its almost like Framework dont have a business account for shipping and are paying for it on retail costs. 2KG laptop still only cost me £11 for UK next-day pre-1pm!!

UK’s Royal Mail ‘International Tracked’ offer Max 2kg, 3-4 days, around £9 ( i assume cheaper on business accounts.
The point of shipping isnt to ‘help out’ frameworks operational costs as that should be covered under the item(s) themselves. This should be to cover the packaging and courier costs.

as a new owner, the two obvious things i’ve picked up on are the marketplace postage costs and lack of spare screws as a re-occuring request which i can see being an issue for some.

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One module shipped is approx 43 grams including the packaging.

55 pence per gram!