96GB in framework 16

Are we clear that 96GB is fine in the f16 even though it’s not officially supported please? A number of members seem to have been okay with it. I’ll be using win 11 and linux distros as virtual machines sometimes.

Have you checked the knowledge base article if the RAM you want is supported?

I didn’t think any 48GB modules were supported. The ones I’ve seen people mentioned are the crucial 48GB modules.

In the knowledge base article, it does list one specific brand of 48gb sticks that work with the 16, although they aren’t crucial (not saying the crucial don’t work, just that they aren’t officially tested)

I found:

It doesn’t specifically mention a 48GB module. I’ll check more thoroughly tomorrow.

That’s the knowledgebase article for the original 11th Gen Intel based Framework Laptop, which only supports DDR4 ram (and DDR4 doesn’t support 48 GB modules).

Here is the article for the Framework Laptop 16:

The 10th module on the list is a 48 GB modules (in a 96 GB kit) from Mushkin.