Is there a list Of Framework Verified Memory Modules

Is there a list of memory modules verified by Framework to work with the Framework 13 and 16?

After looking through the forum, people have mentioned that Framework has verified compatibility with some memory kits like the Mushkin 96GB DDR5 kit.

These posts just seem scattered about so I was wondering if there is any centralized place that framework lists the memory modules that they have verified.

I also wanted to ask if this kit of 96GB DDR5 5600 from Crucial would be compatible with the Framework 16.

Because I ordered 64GB of Memory with my Framework 16, I was wondering if removing memory would cause my order to be pushed back to a later batch.

I’m mainly asking because Crucial seems like a much more reputable brand than Mushkin.

Framework has KB articles on compatible ram modules for the 13 and 16. I’ve linked the one for the 13 here: What DRAM/memory is supported by Framework Laptop 13 (AMD Ryzen™ 7040 Series)?.

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