96gb Ram for Framework 16

Hello. I know that the Framework 16 officially supports 64gb Ram, however Crucial now had a 96GB (2x48GB) DDR5 5600MT/S kit. I know this is an extreme amount of Ram, but I’m wondering if the motherboard will be able to handle it for curiosity’s sake (I have Crucial RAM 64 GB Kit (2x32GB) DDR5 5600MT/s currently waiting here for my DIY edition.)


The CPU does not officially support ram modules that have capacities that aren’t powers of 2, so officially the answer is no.

However Framework shared (I think in a tweet) that they’ve tested 2x48 GB modules (96 GB) and in that testing it does work.

Edit: Here’s what Framework said for the Framework 13, the 16 is probably the same.

It’s probably not officially supported by the platform, but you can stick 96GB (2 x 48GB) of DDR5-5600 in a Framework Laptop 13 (AMD Ryzen 7040 Series). That may be enough for all of your Chrome tabs!


I believe the Verge video, also authorized by framework, mentions it supports 96gb ram.

We’ll update our KB as we see results: What DRAM/memory is supported by Framework Laptop 16?


The spec for the AMD Ryzen™ 7 7840HS CPU itself is it can support
256GB DDR5. https://www.amd.com/en/product/13041
I don’t know what the chip set on the Framework 16 can support. The JEDEC standard for DDR5 is 256GB RAM.

That is more than likely an error on AMD’s spec table for that part.

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anyone tested whether the 96gb crucial ram works?

Nobody has a FW16 to try it in yet, they haven’t started shipping.


It works on Framework 13 AMD, so probably. Also:


awesome, thank you a lot <3

Nice to see confirmed on the FW13. Can’t wait for mine now!

I’ve always wondered, what’s special about 96GB configs? Is it simply cheaper than 128, or is there something else that’s actually different about the memory, such as ECC support in the use case for those machines?

I think it’s just that 64GB DDR5 SODIMMs aren’t really available, while 48GB sticks are.

96gb RAM would be awesome for a plethora of reasons. Glad to see that the 16 can most likely utilize it.

I might need to pick up an AMD board after all for my 13.

If you are patient enough that number is likely going to go up at some point int eh future. DDR5 sodimm size at this point is only really limited by the density of available ram chips.

For now I am more than happy with 64GB, honestly it’s kinda overkill for me but by the time I am not I am fairly certain much bigger sticks will be available.

On the 13 I think 64gb is plenty and excessive, not because having a lot of RAM is bad, it is just you are going to be limited by the CPU itself and thermal limitations that it has to operate under. Still I have come pretty close to using all of the RAM on my 13.

I think the 16 has a beefier CPU and a much broader thermal envelope. This means that more RAM would actually make a bit more sense there.

Still even if only 64gb is possible it is good.

The 7840U us an absolute monster and the 13 has surprisingly good cooling for it.

So far the cpu on the 16 is basically the same just with a different bin with a higher power limit and a different power curve, it’ll be faster if you can give it more juice but not overwhelmingly so.

Also some ram heavy workloads don’t actually use that much compute they just need lots of ram.

I think there is a pretty slim band of stuff that would not make sense on the 13 but do so on the 16 (outside of the expansion bay stuff of course).

Very good indeed.

if you can find a 2x64 SODIMM kit, there are plenty of people in these forums who would love to hear about it. myself included.

re: the 2x48 and utility thereof, i would have done it even on the fw13, because i have a tendency to keep slow-to-initialize large processes resident that aren’t all actively consuming substantial cpu at once. not having to e.g. constantly spin up/shut down VMs is nice when you can just go “here, have a few chips that are just yours, i’ll get to you when it’s time”

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