About Memory Issues

Has anyone had issues with their ram? I brought PNY laptop ram, 2x8GB SODIMM sticks at 3200MHz (DDR4).

Specs - XLR8 Gaming Memory

  • Compatible Speeds 3200, 3000, 2933, 2666, & 2400

  • Part # 8GBU1X08QJLL42-12-K - Dual Channel Kit

My issue is my laptop freezes up completely after 10 to 15 mins. of use. When I run one stick at a time and switch them in different channels, my laptop works fine. But, when I put them together within at least 10 mins of boot up. The laptop freezes up. I ran the memory tool on Windows 11 and it found no issues. I ran the tool on each stick individually and together. I looked up the speed it is running at and Windows states 3200MHz.

I tested my old laptop ram sticks from my HP. 1 Dimm is stock and is by Micron and the other Dimm is by Crucial - Ballistic (I added another stick later). These sticks are each 8GB and run at 2666MHz. Windows states there are running at 2400MHz. I noticed my laptop works perfectly fine with no issues.

Is it me or do these PNY DIMMs don’t work well with each other in dual channel mode?

I have the i5 12th Gen Framework laptop with a clean install of Windows 11.

I assume it would be XMP related.

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FYI your ram isn’t on the “compatible” list.

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This isn’t useful as they do say “We recommend using one of:” not must use. As long as it is 3200MHz non XMP and in the correct form factor it will be alright.


Thanks for the input.

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Try running a memory test using OCCT. I had a bad set of 2x8gb sticks from Crucial that showed fine in memtest and the windows memory diagnostic but showed errors within 3 minutes in OCCT. Currently waiting on the replacement set to come in.

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